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Treatment in Spain

Treatment in Spain

Spain is one of the centers of European medical tourism. In Spain there is an excellent health care system, it ranks 7th in the world in quality. In this case, the Spanish are in second place for satisfaction with the quality of their medical services.

Hospital equipment and competitive prices are attracting an increasing number of foreign patients for treatment in Spain.

Doctors in Spain have very serious training (at least 6-7 years of study). In Spain there are more than 750 hospitals with more than 450,000 doctors and nurses. All hospitals are certified by the Ministry of Health of Spain and are under its supervision.


Directions of treatment in Spain

In Spain, the treatment of oncology, neurosurgery, and maxillofacial surgery is quite well developed. Ophthalmology is famous all over the world. The treatment of epilepsy is very well known. Russian clients are very fond of giving birth in Spain and conducting IVF procedures. This is explained by excellent climatic conditions, attractive prices and high quality services.

Spain is also famous for treating children; children with the most complicated diagnoses are sent there for treatment and rehabilitation.

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