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Quirónsalud Proton Therapy Centre, Spain

Quirónsalud, the first hospital group in Spain and Europe, is at the forefront of oncology, creating the first proton therapy center in Spain. Another step towards innovation, safety and patient care.

Due to the physical properties of protons, proton radiation therapy is currently the most advanced and safest radiation therapy technique in the world for some tumors. When used in certain doses, protons can act with great accuracy in the inner part of the tissue, thereby increasing antitumor activity and limiting damage to healthy tissues.

How does proton radiation therapy work?

This is a comprehensive treatment in one room, equipped with all necessary equipment. The proton-radiation therapy system, called Proteus One®, incorporates tumor scanning technology that allows doctors to deliver the most appropriate dose of radiation and to target every specific area that needs treatment. The new machine is equipped with sophisticated imaging equipment and can rotate 220 ° around the patient, allowing you to direct the beam at the tumor from any angle.

What type of cancer is it suitable for?

Thanks to this new therapy and these experienced specialists, it will be possible to treat many cases of cancer, especially brain tumors and those located along the spine. These are especially tumors near vital organs that need to be preserved - near the brainstem, optic tract, spinal cord, tumors of the head and neck, pediatric tumors and cancer recurrence, including late eye tumors.

“This is especially useful for tumors requiring high dose control and located close to structures or organs that are very sensitive to radiation. Or for tumors in children, because the organs are still developing and are even more sensitive, therefore, it is even more important to avoid irradiation of these tissues, ”Dr. Ares explains.

Thus, due to the physical properties of protons, it is possible to accurately concentrate the radiation dose indicated by radiotherapeutic oncologists, which in many cases provides greater local control of the disease and less damage to neighboring healthy tissues.

“The system uses a high-frequency irradiation beam that is well adapted to respiratory synchronization and with small beams that“ stain ”the tumor with high accuracy and modulated intensity,” says Dr. Mazal.

Quirónsalud chose a team called Proteus One for its proton therapy center, a system optimized for clinical treatment with the broadest international experience. It is based on the cyclotron accelerator. The family adopted 70% of centers offering this therapy in the world.

Proton Therapy Prices

The cost of proton therapy:

  • for adults - 66,000 euros
  • for children (without anesthesia) - 72,000 euros
  • for children (with anesthesia) - 80,000 euros

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