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Himchan Hospital (South Korea)

Himchan Hospital

Himchan Hospital is a specialized orthopedic clinic for the treatment of joints and the spine. Himchan has 8 clinics throughout South Korea, the international department of Himchan Hospital is located at Bupyeong Himchan. In addition, there is a branch in Sharjah (UAE), in Bukhara (Uzbekistan) and Sakhalin (Russia).

Advantages of Himchan Hospital

1) It is specialized on joints

2) More than 100 thousands of total replacement surgeries were performed, every day over 200 operations are performed on the joints

3) Takes 1st place among specialized clinics in the number of total replacements surgeries

4) Ranks 1st in the world on the order of endoprostheses Stryker (a manufacturer of prostheses in the USA)

5) The operation time is about 40 minutes (This is the shortest time across Korea, due to the high professionalism of orthopedists)

6) Rehabilitation treatment is mandatory after surgery, and is conducted with an instructor 1: 1 according to an individual program

The international department provides free coordinator services. Hospital has 7 employees in the department. Free transportation service airport-clinic-airport for operating patients.

Process of stay and treatment

Day 1 - Arrival (before lunch), meeting at the airport with the hospital coordinator, transfer to the hospital, admission to hospital, doctor's appointment, examination

Day 2 - surgery, bed rest

Day 3 - getting special shoes

Day 4-11 - rehabilitation

Day 12 - removal of stitches, discharge, departure to the airport


Below there is the approximate cost of some services. The cost is in dollars, but payment is made in won for outpatient patients and in dollars or by card for operating patients.

During a pandemic, the clinic provides discounts on procedures, operations and other treatments. Read more about discounts and promotions in the clinic during a pandemic.


  • Reception of the doctor 25 dollars (orthopedist, neurologist, therapeutist, endocrinologist)
  • MRT of one section of the spine or one joint - 450 dollars
  • MRT head with contrast dye - 700 dollars
  • Ultrasound of the joint - 200 dollars
  • X-ray of one joint in 4 or 5 projections - 60-80 dollars
  • Ultrasound of the thyroid gland, abdominal cavity, deep veins of the lower extremities - each of 250 dollars
  • Densitometry - 150 dollars
  • Intraarticular injections - 200-400 dollars
  • One-stop service


  • Total replacement of one knee / hip joint with hospitalization for 2 weeks
  • 15 thousand dollars (full package)
  • Arthroscopy of the knee – 8-10 thousand dollars (full package)
  • Injection stem cells - 9 thousand dollars
  • Valgus deformation of foot - 7-8 thousand dollars on one leg / 10-11 thousand on both legs


  • -Neuroplasty - 4 thousand dollars (hospitalization 2 days) / 7 thousand dollars with hospitalization for 6 days + rehabilitation 4 sessions.
  • - Laminectomy/Discectomy - 9 thousand dollars (hospitalization 12 days + full package)
  • - Fusion (vertebral fusion) - 17 thousand dollars (hospitalization 12 days + full package)


  • Manual therapy - 100 -150 dollars
  • Physiotherapy 50-100 dollars (laser, ultrasound therapy, magnetic therapy, extractor, etc.)
  • Shock wave therapy - 100-120 dollars

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