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Medical check-up

Medical check-up

As a result of check-up, the patient in a short time receives not only complete information about the state of the body and the detected diseases, but also individual recommendations.

Do you have personal transport? If so, what do you do to prevent your dear BMW or Lexus from letting you down at the most critical moment? That's right - check-up.

What are your requirements for technical inspection? So that everything was in one place, professionally and quickly.

Ask yourself the question: when did you conduct the last “inspection” of your body? Never? Many years ago? The time has come to pay attention to yourself so as not to jeopardize your well-being, the well-being of your business, the well-being of your loved ones.

Check-up programs may take the form of a general preventive examination or specialized diagnosis.

  1. General preventive examination of the body, taking into account gender and age. A general examination is suitable for those who have no health problems. As a result of a general check-up, additional consultations and research may be necessary.
  2. Examination of the body in certain areas, taking into account complaints, past diseases, risk factors and heredity. Examination of the directions is planned on the basis of a primary conversation with a doctor.

We offer you to complete check-up program in the best diagnostic centers in the world. You will receive advice from leading experts, will undergo a survey at a time convenient for you using the latest technologies and the latest equipment.

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