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Second opinion. Online consultation

The success of curing any disease is a correctly established diagnosis. After all, the main task of the doctor is to give a correct conclusion about the condition of the patient, so that further treatment takes place exclusively with benefit for him.

In modern world medicine, the Second opinion service is a consultation of a high-class medical institution based on existing studies - with a detailed description of the problem, analysis of the tests received and subsequent communication with the patient.

Often the patient does not believe the doctor and wants to hear a different opinion. For this, there is a service Second opinion. "The opinion of the second doctor" is both a medical examination and a consultation of the best specialists at the same time, hence the more accurate result.

The need for a second opinion

Even the best doctors are not immune to mistakes. And the point is not in their competence. It happens that some little things are not visible - it is impossible to look at the problem from some other side, to interpret the existing and more than once studied tests in a different plane of medical science.

A fresh look, even of the same classical doctor, may be useful. Especially when there is doubt or it is necessary to decide on a complex operation.

How to get an online consultation?

In order to get such advice from any of our partner clinics, you contact us through the "Contacts" section or by filling out the form below, indicating the name of the clinic, name of the doctor, convenient time and a messenger that you will conveniently use to talk with the doctor . After that, we coordinate with the clinic and the doctor all this information and connect you.

Also, perhaps the doctor will ask you to look at your medical documents before the conversation, so that the conversation is more substantive, so be prepared to send us the results of examinations, tests, medical reports, x-rays, in a word, all medical documentation on this issue.


The cost of an online consultation is from $ 200, depending on the doctor, clinic and country.

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