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Treatment in Slovenia

Treatment in Slovenia is very popular all over the world and takes place at world famous resorts.

Slovenia, despite its small territory, is famous for a large number of thermal springs, and there are many unique resorts on its territory: Terme Krka, Rogaska Slatina, Terme Olimia, Roman Terme, Terme Lasko, Terme Zrece, Terme Čatež, etc.

Treatment directions

  • Cardiology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Geriatrics
  • Rehabilitation

What is famous for Slovenia

Slovenia is famous for its ancient castles and monasteries. Here is the famous Postojna Cave, where there is a "human fish", an endangered species. And in the resort of Maribor is the oldest vineyard in the world, which still bears fruit.

Slovenia is also famous for its exclusive breed of horses that have been raised there since 1580 for royal people. Therefore, a huge number of various cultural events, various exhibitions and excursions are held here.

Portoroz resort, which is famous for its many modern hotels, wellness centers, restaurants and shops, is offered to lovers of sea holidays. And every kilometer of the coast is rich not only in thermal springs, but also in saltworks and deposits of healing mud.

Slovenia also offers dozens of well-equipped ski resorts with well-developed infrastructure. Therefore, you can easily combine an active, sightseeing vacation and treatment.

As for Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, it is the main cultural, scientific, educational and business center of Slovenia. It hosts many cultural events and international festivals.

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