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Treatment in UAE

The United Arab Emirates has a developed and modern health sector. Foreign patients can benefit from quality medical services in both the public and private sectors. However, it is worth noting that prices in private clinics are quite high and increase every year.

State clinics

Public medical institutions in the UAE have a well-developed infrastructure and offer high quality medical care. They meet the needs of the local population in medical care and therefore are in great demand. Because of this, queues often form in public clinics, creating some problems for foreigners and expatriates.

Expatriates wishing to use public hospitals should obtain a medical card from the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Health. To do this, you need to apply online or visit a medical center.

Private clinics

There are more private clinics in the UAE than public ones. All private medical institutions offer first-class medical care. The health workers are highly qualified. Many of them are expatriates themselves and therefore speak good English. Private hospitals do not always treat severe injuries and specific pathologies. For emergency assistance, it is also customary to contact government agencies.

In some emirates, including Abu Dhabi and Dubai, expatriates are required by law to take out private health insurance. Companies-employers facilitate this process. Although employers are not required to additionally insure the spouses and children of their employees, the government recommends doing so. The issue of obtaining medical insurance must be dealt with before moving to the UAE.

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