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Cerebral palsy treatment

Cerebral Palsy (Cerebral Palsy) - this term combines a group of syndromes that occur as a result of damage and / or abnormalities of the brain in the perinatal period (in utero or as a result of a birth injury).

Cerebral palsy syndromes are manifested by the inability to maintain a pose and perform arbitrary movements. False progression is noted as the child grows, meaning that the syndromes were just barely noticeable at an early age.

Cerebral palsy is not a hereditary disease.

Unfortunately, cerebral palsy cannot be completely cured, but cerebral palsy is not a progressive disease. Those. over time, brain damage does not change, but secondary changes in muscles, bones, and joints may occur.

In addition to the classical methods of treating cerebral palsy, stem cell therapy gives very good results.

With regular classes with children, you can achieve very good results! We can confirm this with many examples of successful treatment of our patients.

For the treatment of cerebral palsy, our company works with clinics and rehabilitation centers in Poland, China, Greece, India, etc.

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