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Agency of medical tourism from Moscow (Russia). Treatment in Russia, CIS countries and worldwide

Company MedicaTour Ltd. is one of the leading medical tourism companies in the world. It is based in Moscow (Russia) and is engaged in the organization of treatment in Russia, CIS and around the world. Company works with the best hospitals of the world and leading doctors and can select quality treatment for any budget.

  • All areas of medicine
  • Both classic and innovative treatments
  • Large government medical centers and private clinics around the world
  • Selection of a medical institution for any budget

Our experts will provide you information about medical institutions in different countries and help you make an effective and safe choice of treatment.


The range of our services is multifunctional and diverse:

We also work with children's medical centers.

If you are diagnosed and have any doubts about this, we strongly recommend that you get a second opinion (second opinion of a specialist) from another country, or even from several countries.

Innovative treatments

The company is constantly monitoring the medical services market around the world and is aware of the emergence of new innovative treatment methods:

Large state medical centers and private clinics

The main advantage of our services is that we offer you only well-studied and verified data on medical institutions, doctors and surgeons from Asia to the Middle East, Latin America and Europe, Moscow and the near abroad. In many institutions, our specialists visited themselves on study visits.

Contact us - call, send your requests - we will provide you with the best options and answers. And then the choice is yours.

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Founder and CEO of MedicaTour Tatiana Sokolov has released her third book – "A model of working with patients in medical tourism". In the book, Tatiana shares her experience and talks in detail about how to structure the work and avoid possible mistakes.
From 7 to 9.09 2022, the management of the MedicaTour company visited the new MediSpa hotel - the MAYRVEDA Kislovodsk 5* hotel. MAYRVEDA was opened a year ago. The hotel is based on a unique concept, which consists of three components: the Austrian Mayer - medicine, Ayurveda - the ancient Indian doctrine of life and the unique natural resources of Kislovodsk - mineral waters, therapeutic mud from Tambukan Lake and high mountain air.
The company "MedicaTour" began cooperation with the network of dental clinics "Estetix" in Moscow. The Estetik Professorial Dental Center ranks 23rd in the TOP-100 Dental Network Clinics in Russia according to "Kommersant" magazine.

We would like to inform all our clients that we have started cooperation with the new Russian clinic MAMMA. MAMMA is a multidisciplinary clinic equipped with modern equipment. The clinic employs a unique team of professionals who help patients even in the most difficult cases.

To the attention of our patients: we are pleased to inform you that a unique CAR-T-cell treatment for patients with leukemia and lymphoma has become available in one of our partner clinics in Turkey. In Europe and America, this therapy costs an insane amount of money, and China, with which we actively worked before the pandemic in this area of treatment, is still closed to receiving foreign patients.

1.08 The management of the company MedicaTour was invited to participate in the Turkish educational seminar on "Treatment and recovery in Turkey", which was held in Moscow at the Hilton Leningradskaya hotel. CEO of MedicaTour Tatiana Sokolov was asked to make a welcoming speech for all participants of the event from the Russian side.