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Agency of medical tourism from Moscow (Russia). Treatment in Russia, CIS countries and worldwide

Company MedicaTour Ltd. is one of the leading medical tourism companies in the world. It is based in Moscow (Russia) and is engaged in the organization of treatment in Russia, CIS and around the world. Company works with the best hospitals of the world and leading doctors and can select quality treatment for any budget.

  • All areas of medicine
  • Both classic and innovative treatments
  • Large government medical centers and private clinics around the world
  • Selection of a medical institution for any budget

Our experts will provide you information about medical institutions in different countries and help you make an effective and safe choice of treatment.


The range of our services is multifunctional and diverse:

We also work with children's medical centers.

If you are diagnosed and have any doubts about this, we strongly recommend that you get a second opinion (second opinion of a specialist) from another country, or even from several countries.

Innovative treatments

The company is constantly monitoring the medical services market around the world and is aware of the emergence of new innovative treatment methods:

Large state medical centers and private clinics

The main advantage of our services is that we offer you only well-studied and verified data on medical institutions, doctors and surgeons from Asia to the Middle East, Latin America and Europe, Moscow and the near abroad. In many institutions, our specialists visited themselves on study visits.

Contact us - call, send your requests - we will provide you with the best options and answers. And then the choice is yours.

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From November 7 to 9, Tehran hosted a major event, the 5th Interantional Health Congress of Islamic Countries, which brought together health and medical tourism market players from all over the world "under one roof". In addition to MedicaTour, which represented Russia, representatives from 100 countries were invited: Germany, Belgium, Croatia, Serbia, Ghana, Ukraine, India, as well as from Oman, Turkey and other countries. Form MedicaTour CEO Tatyana Sokolov and Development Director Oleg Ponimatko attended the event.
The company "MedicaTour" together with the ophthalmological hospital "Svjetlost of Banja Luka" organized an advertising tour to Bosnia and Herzegovina in the city of Banja Luka from October 4 to 10, 2021 in order to get acquainted with the hospital "Svjetlost of Banja Luka", its possibilities, treatment methods and a team of doctors. The delegation from Russia included medical tourism agencies, doctors and administrators of Russian clinics.
From September 28 to October 1, 2021, CEO of MedicaTour was invited to Slovenia for the 12th Workshop SPA-CE and the 25th anniversary congress of ESPA (European SPA Association). The event took place in a beautiful location in the thermal spa Moravske Toplice.
From 15 to 18 September 2021, a workshop on medical tourism was organized in Saint Petersburg for the first time, which helped medical tourism agencies find partners in St. Petersburg. CEO of MedicaTour was invited to participate in this event. “Our company works closely with Moscow clinics, and St. Petersburg was not covered in our country, although we receive requests for treatment in St. Petersburg quite often,” Tatiana Sokolov said.
The Moscow Healthcare Department contacted MedicaTour as one of the central players in the medical tourism market and asked CEO of the company Tatiana Sokolov, a well-known speaker and international expert, to prepare a video report on market problems.
From 14 to 18.08, the management of MedicaTour, at the invitation of its Turkish partners CK Health Turkey, visited Antalya in order to get acquainted with Turkish medicine in this resort city. During their visit, Tatiana Sokolov and Oleg Ponimatko visited 4 clinics - two dental clinics and two general clinics.