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Getting to know the treatment options in Volgograd city

Getting to know the treatment options in Volgograd

From March 20 to 22, MedicaTour management was invited to visit Volgograd city in Russia in order to get acquainted with the possibilities of medicine in this region.

On March 21, CEO of MedicaTour held in a training master class for hospitals "Export of medical services", which was organized at the Export Support Center of the Volgograd region.

During the visit, visits were organized to the following medical institutions in Volgograd:

  • Rehabilitation Center of the Volgograd Regional Children's Clinical Hospital
  • Regional Clinical Dental Clinic
  • Regional Clinical Oncological Dispensary
  • Volgograd Perinatal Center No. 2
  • Regional Telemedicine Center of the Regional Clinical Hospital No. 1

"We really liked the medical centers that we visited. Firstly, they employ a team of highly professional doctors who are passionate about their work and are not indifferent to their patients. Secondly, equipping clinics with the latest equipment, thoughtful logistics for receiving patients, convenience and comfort. Thirdly, prices are significantly lower than in our capital. It is safe to send foreign patients to Volgograd, they will not be disappointed. After our visit, we begin active cooperation with Volgograd medical centers, - Tatiana Sokolov shared her impressions, -

Many thanks to the inviting party for inviting and organizing our visit."

A few words about the medical centers that we visited:

The children's rehabilitation center perfectly helps children with cerebral palsy to improve their condition, and children recover quickly after injuries. The atmosphere here is very warm and warm.

The regional dental clinic is the real kingdom of dentistry. A huge territory equipped with the latest technology, with unique specialists who have completed international internships in different countries.

The oncological dispensary is a special pride of Volgograd residents. New, bright, modern, beautiful, the latest technologies for treatment are used here. The center even has cancer rehabilitation.

The perinatal center helps women with the most difficult childbirth, it employs specialists of the highest class. There is a department here that saves premature babies.

The telemedicine center is actively functioning, patients have their own personal account through which they communicate with doctors. The specialists of the telemedicine center can also send a link to an online consultation for new patients who are not registered in their database.