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Virotherapy for cancer treatment in Latvia

Virotherapy for cancer treatment. Clinic in Latvia

Virotherapy is a new innovative method of treatment of oncological diseases, which uses replication of competent viruses for the destruction of cancer. Viruses selectively infect and damage cancer tissues without harming normal tissues. At this point, virotherapy for cancer is only available in one clinic in Latvia, where it was invented by Professor Aina Muceniece.

In clinical practice for virotherapy the drug Rigvir is used, which was developed in Latvia. It is used for intramuscular injections, which are performed on an outpatient basis on the basis of individually developed schemes.

Virotherapy is used in treatment of melanoma, as well as other types of cancer: stomach cancer, colorectal cancer, pancreatic cancer, bladder cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, uterine cancer, kidney cancer, multiple sarcoma, liver cancer etc.

To provide comprehensive treatment, the clinic employs the best specialists from different branches of medicine who pay special attention to the often ignored factors that stimulate the development of malignant tumors.

  • Complex treatment of virotherapy in combination with elements of integrative medicine
  • Strictly individual approach
  • Oncologists of the clinic are the most experienced specialists of virotherapy in the world
  • Patients from more than 45 countries were treated
  • High ratio of doctors and patients
  • Excellent level of service
  • Comfortable living conditions for patients and their attendants

A drug Rigvir

Rigvir is the first oncological virus in the world which underwent clinical trials,  which destroys only malignant cancer cells.

  • Treatment is carried out by a live virus not subjected to gene modifications
  • Non-pathogenic and easily tolerated
  • During therapy, patients retain their habitual quality of life and increase social activity

The effect of the drug on the body: oncotropic (rigvir detects and infects tumor cells) and oncolytic (rigvir multiplies in tumor cells and destroys them). Both processes occur selectively only in tumor cells and the effect on normal, healthy cells is minimal or absent.

Medical services for virotherapy in Latvia

The specialists of the clinic adhere to an individual approach to each patient, concentrating on the general well-being of the patient, and not only on the treatment of a particular disease.

  • The first 3 injections of Rigvir
  • Ultrasound examination (USG)
  • Complete blood count (including complete immunological testing)
  • Consultations with an oncologist
  • Consultations with an immunologist
  • Conclusion of an oncologist and immunologist
  • Development of an individual treatment plan for the 1st 3-month course of treatment
  • Observation and consultation of an oncologist and an immunologist during the course of outpatient treatment (until the last injection of the course)
  • Nurse services
  • Nutritionist consultation
  • Physiotherapy sessions
  • Art therapy sessions
  • Cygong-therapy sessions
  • Acupuncture

Accommodation in the clinic

The clinic is just 20 minutes from the airport and 300 meters from the Baltic Sea.

  • Accommodation from 09:00 am Monday to 18:00 pm Friday
  • 3 meals a day, specially prepared by the chef on the basis of dietician's recommendations and patient's wishes
  • Transfer from / to the airport, railway or bus station within Riga
  • Administrative and organizational support for the manager

Additional expenses

  • The remaining ampoules of Rigvir (up to 11pcs) in accordance with the treatment plan for the first 3-month course
  • Packing of Rigvir
  • Detox program (as directed by a doctor)
  • Accommodation and meals of an accompanying person
  • Other medical procedures and consultations on request (for example, counseling of a psychotherapist and other specialists - physiotherapy, acupuncture, etc.)

The cost of virotherapy for cancer treatment is 11920 euro.

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