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Treatment reviews

I have liver cancer. I applied to MedicaTour to find inexpensive treatment. Tatiana recommended China, Fuda hospital in Guangzhou. We sent statements there, I liked their offer. I arrived, underwent two courses of treatment, and I feel great. The clinic uses both classical and innovative methods of treatment. Thanks to Dr. Fuda and, of course, to Tatiana for her excellent recommendation and for her help at all stages of our trip.

I would have died a year ago or, even worse, crippled and poisoned by "standard" prostate cancer therapy, and now I'm living a normal life as if nothing had happened. Thanks to Tatiana from MedicaTour and doctors of Medical Park!
I applied to MedicaTour about a kidney transplant (the donor was my wife). We considered Iran because of the price. Within a day after applying, my documents were reviewed by the Hospital and a treatment proposal with all the details has already been prepared.
I applied to MedicaTour regarding the search for a clinic in Turkey for hip replacement. Within one day, I was found a clinic that suited me in all respects. She arrived at the clinic in a rather bad condition. It was difficult to move, with great pain. The next day after arrival, the operation was already performed.
The organization of my trip to Russia for fasting therapy was excellent.  Oleg was always available and very open to all questions.  Payment transactions also worked smoothly.  The communication between me and the clinic was flawless.  I would like to thank you for the wonderful support.
Going overseas for medical reasons was great. All the difficult process with documents was addressed quickly and professionally. Very knowledgeable and supportive service from Oleg. Very happy I found this agent, he guided and advised me in every step of the journey. I would strongly recommend to anybody thinking of going overseas for medical reasons to contact Oleg.
I heard about the company "MedicaTour" on the RBC TV channel, just in case I saved the information. And now "just in case" has come. I applied for an online consultation (Second opinion or the opinion of a second doctor) and with a request to choose the best clinic for this purpose. My documents with analyzes and biopsies were immediately sent to almost a dozen hospitals around the world, which immediately responded with a preliminary consultation on a treatment plan, supported by price lists. And it's all free for me! I was shocked!
Amazing service! I can say without a doubt that this is the best service experience I have ever had. Tatiana was available to answer my questions (I had many), and help at all times. I received my papers within a day. The clinic was wonderful. I wish there were more companies like this one. Highly recommend.
Great and fast Service! Oleg is very reliable and professional, He help me with all the nearly impossible things that I have to deal with papers and registrations all the way from beginning to end! :) I highly recommend him and his company! Thanks again for making it happen! Cheers!
Great service. Oleg is highly professional with knowledge to arrange the process impeccable. He stay connected all the time for any question and incident. Highly recommended.
I want to thank you for all the help and advice you gave us for a brain surgery in Turkey, the whole process was excellent. I recommend the services of this agency.
MediсaTour is an excellent medical service company. Everything I needed to go to Russia for a surgery was done precisely, on time, and in timely manner without any hidden costs. They recommend me to go to a SM clinic. Their SM clinic has a great facility with a very professional staff. Dr. Kurbatov performed an outstanding surgery and as a result I feel great and already forgot about any problems I had experienced in the past. I recommend to use MedicaTour's services to everybody who does not know to to approach the medical problem they are facing.

My experiences with MedicaTour are more than excellent. All the steps of leading my entire trip to Russia, support in the documentation and also in the very entry into the Russian Federation was at an extremely high level. I would like to point out that Oleg was constantly ready for support and always available on the phone. Thumbs up.

I am aware that during COVID it was not easy to arrange all the necessary paperwork, but everything was prepared at the top level, for what Im really thankful.

I worked with Oleg from MedicaTour and he was absolutely great. He arranged everything with the clinic (including a great translator for me) and all medical documents necessary for travel to Russia during covid - including someone standing by on the phone to handle any problems. Very knowledgeable, very accessible, very professional. I fully recommend him and look forward to future interactions.

Absolutely amazing service. Not only is it efficient and professional, but it is cost effective as well. Oleg, who helped me, was a constant source of support and the doctors ensured everything that can be done was done. I will definitely recommend and use this service in the future!

MedicaTour company was recommended to me by my friends who have already used its services. The company's employees helped me quickly find a specialist, organize an examination, consultation and treatment in an excellent Moscow clinic, and also provided an invitation letter from clinic for crossing the border (a necessary condition during a pandemic).

I want to express my deep gratitude to the company MedicaTour, and personally to Tatyana Sokolov. The most efficient and reliable company !!! In the evening, we threw them my son's documents for consideration at the Chinese clinic for treatment, and the next day the Clinic invited us for treatment !!!
I came to the Sarang Plus clinic by accident. Having a serious illness (gonarthrosis 4 tbsp.) For 15 years, I went to the finish line. A doctor in Moscow said that if I don’t have a joint replacement operation within a year, they will carry me in a wheelchair. This was not news to me. But I wanted to have an operation on two legs at once, because my legs, joined together, had the shape of a hoop. I could not imagine how it would be possible to walk when one leg is straight and the other is a semicircle. But nowhere immediately did two legs operate.

I am grateful to Tatiana Sokolov and MedicaTour for their professionalism, attentive attitude and quick processing of documents for treatment in an oncological hospital in China. We went to a clinic where oncology is not a sentence, but a chronic disease. We are at the beginning of a difficult path of treatment. Thanks MedicaTour for the help!

I want to thank the team of the company "MedicaTour" for an excellent doctor for breast surgery. I am a very capricious client, and before trusting a plastic surgeon, MedicaTour arranged for me 6 consultations with the Swiss stars of plastic surgery.
During a kidney transplant at Max Hospitals, I had less time waiting for the operation. The hospital is equipped with modern equipment that is not in my country. The well-organized teamwork of the international department, doctors, nurses and other hospital staff was demonstrated. I am also very pleased with the price - such as I have not met in any other country.
I am very grateful to the MedicaTour company for their help in selecting the clinic and doctor. I had gallstones, and I'm only 21 years old. I was looking for a clinic in which only stones, but not the entire organ, can be removed. In practice, no matter where I went, they told me that no one would conduct such an operation; they always remove the stones together with the gall bladder. But the company employees found me a clinic in Turkey, where they successfully carry out such operations.
With all my heart I would like to thank the company "MedicaTour" for a well-organized childbirth in Canada. We have been looking for a company that will help us for a long time. Tatiana Sokolov, General Director of the company, we were advised by friends who have already used the services of MedicaTour.
My husband had a serious problem that ruined the whole life of our family - alcoholism. Turning to the company "MedicaTour", we shared our problem. As a result, we were offered several options for solving it.
We wanted to thank the company MedicaTour, which helped us organize a childbirth in Canada. Now our baby has 2 citizenships - Canadian and Russian.