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Robotic endoprosthetics of both legs in South Korea

Author: Elina Shilyuk, 62 years old.

I came to the Sarang Plus clinic by accident. Having a serious illness (gonarthrosis 4 tbsp.) For 15 years, I went to the finish line. A doctor in Moscow said that if I don’t have a joint replacement operation within a year, they will carry me in a wheelchair. This was not news to me. But I wanted to have an operation on two legs at once, because my legs, joined together, had the shape of a hoop. I could not imagine how it would be possible to walk when one leg is straight and the other is a semicircle. But nowhere immediately did two legs operate.

On the Internet, I started looking for a suitable clinic and found a lot of positive feedback from patients about the company MedicaTour, which selected clinics for them in different countries and treatment, and decided to call there. Since my case was not an ordinary one, the director of the company, a great professional and just a good person, Tatyana Sokolov, took up the matter.

At first I was offered to go to the USA because they used modern robotics technologies, that is, the robot partially does the operation. I just got sick with this method and didn’t want to listen to anything when my relatives advised me to search and choose something else. Negotiations were successful, but at the last moment the trip to America failed. I just lost heart. There were many offers - Israel, the Czech Republic, Germany - everywhere excellent clinics, but nowhere do they do two legs at once.

Tatyana (director of MedicaTour) suggested considering South Korea. She was invited there for a medical exhibition and she took with me my photographs and documents to show directly to Korean doctors. And lo! She agreed with the Sarang Plus clinic about my operation - they use a robot there and do two legs at once - which is what I was looking for. After a while, I was already invited to an operation in Seoul at the clinic. Dr. Kug agreed to operate two legs with a break of 1 week. I agreed immediately. Korea is a country of high technologies that are also used in medicine.

September 20, I flew to Seoul. At the airport, I was met by translator Marina and the deputy. Foreigners James. Since I was supposed to go to the clinic on the 23rd, I was taken to the hotel. And in the morning two days later I was at the clinic, signed the necessary documents, very quickly, literally in two hours, passed the examination and the next day was on the operating table. The operation was quick - about two hours - and painless. And Dr. Kug, and the anesthetist, and the whole team are great professionals. During the operation, Marina was a translator with me. For me it was important, because I ended up in the hospital alone, without relatives.

After the operation, nurses and nurses took care of me. I had a single room. The staff is very attentive, professional and friendly. Of course, after the operation, the condition is not very comfortable, but everyone is ready to help you. Already on the third day I got up. One leg was shorter than the other by 4 centimeters.

After 6 days, they operated on my second leg. My legs became even as they were once, and I became 4 centimeters taller. Of course I will not say that everything is easy, but what I wanted happened. And all is well Glory to God.

Soon, physiotherapists joined in, rehabilitation began. We must tolerate, try. The atmosphere in the clinic is very homely, calm. Everything is debugged, as in a good watch. Every day at 8 o’clock, Dr. Kug makes a detour, checks everything himself, listens, gives orders.

Three weeks later, I returned home, and houses and walls are treated. Slowly getting used to new legs, still the operation is not easy. I walk normally, but walking is not recommended. They wrote me an appointment, what exercises to do.

Usually, when a person is congratulated, they wish him health, adding - "You will buy the rest for yourself." But if there is an opportunity to buy health, why not do it. The main thing is to be sure that you will not be deceived, and you trust real professionals, such as Tatyana Sokolov and MedicaTour managers, as well as Dr. Kug and the entire staff of the Sarang Plus clinic.