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Organ transplantation

Organ transplantation. Liver, kidney, heart, bone marrow

Organ transplantation is a very important and serious topic, since the possible future life of a person depends on such operations. Our company has extensive experience in this topic with leading world centers.

Transplant Clinics


The undisputed market leader is India, where high-quality operations are carried out at the lowest prices in the world. We cooperate with the largest network of Max hospitals where kidney, liver, heart, lung, and bone marrow transplant surgeries are performed.

Transplantation legislation in India is very strict, therefore transplantation is only allowed with related donors. If you have a related donor, there is no waiting list - you can immediately come and do a transplant.


At an affordable price - Turkey ranks second after India, but the price of transplantation is much more expensive here.

Cross donation is also available here. This is when donors between patients are changed so that they are suitable for patients according to the parameters necessary for transplantation. In organ transplantation we work in Turkey with several large hospital networks: Medica Park, Medicana and Baskent.


Liver transplantation is available in Georgia - in the Batumi referral hospital.

Unrelated donor

Unfortunately, not all patients have related donors. In the above countries, you can do transplantation with an unrelated donor, however, you must first go through the so-called ethics committee, which checks that the donor does not sell his organ in any way, but gives it out of friendship, disinterestedly, for humanitarian reasons to save the life of a good friend or loved one.

Cross transplantation

Cross transplantation is a method applied to patients who do not have a family donor with blood group compatibility.

Couples who do not have blood group compatibility, who want to give a kidney to a close relative, are prepared for cross-transplantation, taking into account the compatibility of tissues, age and underlying diseases, for example, the recipient with blood group A (II) and his relative donor with blood group B (III) gives his kidney to another patient with blood group B (III), and the donor of the second patient with blood group A (II) gives his kidney to the first patient.

Thus, all patients who have living related donors, but do not have blood group compatibility, can contact us for a search for cross-transplantation.

Transplant Prices

In price, India comes first - there are the cheapest transplants in the world:

  • Liver transplantation - $ 34,000
  • Kidney transplantation - $ 14,000
  • Lung transplantation - $ 50,000
  • Heart Transplant - $ 70,000
  • Installation of LVAD (artificial heart) - $ 120,000
  • Bone marrow transplantation - 15000$ - 50000$

Then comes Georgia in increasing order. The cost of a liver transplant in Georgia is $ 73,000.

In Turkey, a kidney transplant costs from $ 18,000, a liver transplant - from $ 60,000. An autologous bone marrow transplant costs $ 40,000, allogeneic - $ 87,000.

Transplants are also available in Italy, Spain and Germany - from $ 120,000.

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