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From October 28 till October 31, MedicaTour organized a group to the town of Banja Luka in Bosnia and Herzegovina, to the clinic “Svjetlost Banja Luka”, for conducting blepharoplasty with Dr. Bojan Kozomara. The group was personally accompanied by the Director of MedicaTour Tatiana Sokolov.
This is not the first time our company has collaborated with Euroevents, organizer of events around the world. This year, MedicaTour has already taken part in an event in Zagreb. It was very interesting and productive. This time, at the Baltic Executive Medical Tourism Summit, which was held in Riga, two speakers have already been invited from MedicaTour - Founder and CEO Tatiana Sokolov and Business Development Director Oleg Ponimatko.
From 15 to 17.10, the International Congress on Medical Tourism and Global HealthCare WMTC-2019 was held in Abu Dhabi. The organizers of the conference were American Medical Tourism Association and the Abu Dhabi Government, who asked company MedicaTour to collect and to bring to event a Russian delegation consisting of representatives of federal medical centers, private clinics, representatives of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and medical tourism agencies. The invitation to the candidates was dealt directly by the General Director of MedicaTour Tatiana Sokolov.
From October 3 to 6, the management of MedicaTour made a business visit to Italy, the Puglia region, in order to get acquainted with the regional clinics and the possibilities of treating MedicaTour's patients there. The visit was organized by Puglia medical tourism agency Aratravel.
Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men. And in the later stages, when the patient has metastases, traditional methods of therapy are not always effective enough. In recent years, doctors have come up with an innovative method of “point” radiation therapy with lutetium isotope (177Lu PSMA), which helps to prolong the patient’s life even in the most difficult and neglected cases. It is used in many leading clinics in the world, including Germany, USA, Israel, Australia and Canada. Recently, the Latvian Nuclear Medicine Center began to offer treatment with lutetium in conjunction with the AmberLife Cancer Clinic, an integrative medicine clinic.
Quirónsalud Torrevieja Hospital has opened a laboratory developed in accordance with the international GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) quality standards and aimed at the production of such advanced drugs as dendritic cell vaccines and has begun production of specific immunotherapeutic drugs for the treatment of cancer patients.
From September 20 to 25, company MedicaTour together with its partner Ivica Budanec organized an advertising tour to Croatia to Murter island to boutique hotel Murter and the rehabilitation center located next to it. The tour was organized for doctors, owners of medical centers and medical tourism agencies.
Since February 2019, MedicaTour is the official representative of the largest medical network of India, Max Healthcare, and, in connection with this, company recently organized a business reception, which included meetings and negotiations of Max representatives with Russian partners. In addition, during the visit, the famous Indian oncologist-surgeon Dr. Archit Pandit, together with Russian specialists, conducted free second opinion for cancer patients of Medica Mente clinic (Moscow region).
From 29.08 to 31.08, the management of MedicaTour was invited to Busan (South Korea) to participate in BIMTC - 2019, the international convention of medical tourism. The event was held at the BEXCO exhibition complex in the center of Busan. The event was attended by buyers from around the world. Moscow and central Russia were represented at this event only by MedicaTour.
On August 15, management of MedicaTour was invited to take part in the conference International Business Days in Ryazan Region, and Tatiana Sokolov, General Director of the company, was also invited by the speaker to one of panel discussions. Main topic of the forum was development of exports, including the export of medical services.
Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers. In 2018, according to the International Agency for Cancer Research, 2.088 million women fell ill. However, if it is detected in time and all measures are taken to prevent the development and recurrence, in 80% the disease can be successfully cured. Oncologist-chemotherapist Linda Brokane, Chief Physician of the oncology clinic of integrative medicine Amber Life Cancer Clinic, talks about modern methods of breast cancer therapy.
More than 80% of cancer cases are related to lifestyle and personal habits, and the prevention and correction of many of the factors causing the disease are possible and simple, says doctor Antonio Brugarolas, director of the oncology platform at Quirónsalud Torrevieja. The origin of cancer lies in the violation of the mechanism of cell regeneration and their control mechanisms, the appearance of the disease depends on a large number of different factors.
From 5 till 8.06, MedicaTour's General Director Tatiana Sokolov was invited to Seoul for the SITMMT-2019 medical tourism exhibition. 100 hosted buyers from different countries of the world were invited to the event to find new partners and to get acquainted with the possibilities of Korean medicine.
In recent years, an innovative approach to thyroid and parathyroid gland surgery, TOETVA, Transoral Endoscopic Thyroidectomy, has been developed. This method is based on the access of the thyroid and parathyroid gland through the lower lip using conventional endoscopic equipment.
The most important thing in cells therapy for cirrhosis is to start treatment as soon as possible, as this gives a greater chance of restoring liver tissue. Treatment of liver cirrhosis with stem cells is based on their unique property — the ability to replace damaged tissue cells.
Individual pharmacotherapy specializes in the pharmacotherapeutic monitoring of oncological drugs, which provides for the determination of measures and the interpretation of indicators of the concentration of drugs in the blood in order to determine the effective and least toxic dosage of the drug for each patient.
Gene studies give us hope for curing chemotherapy-resistant tumors. All this is due to the use of DNA microarray technology, or, in other words, genetic analysis of tumors, which allows to determine in a clear and direct way a series consisting of 5 to 8 medications that can be used in treating each specific case of the disease, as well as a list of medications in relation to which the tumor is resistant.
Chemotherapy is a difficult procedure that many oncological patients have to strength with. In this article, an experienced specialist - oncologist-chemotherapist Linda Brokane - tells about a comprehensive system of rehabilitation after chemotherapy and methods that help patients to alleviate side effects, quickly return to their normal rhythm of life and reduce the risk of cancer recurrence.
From May 13 till 17, a representative of the largest group of Indian hospitals Max Hospitals came to Moscow on a business trip specifically to meet with MedicaTour and its Russian partners to discuss work plans. During the business visit, a business partnership was discussed, the goals and deadlines for specific marketing and PR campaigns were outlined.
The fact that immunity and the development of cancer are closely interrelated, scientists found out in the middle of the last century. And further studies have only confirmed this. The oncologist-immunologist Inta Jaunalksne, who has been working on this issue for almost thirty years, tells us about modern methods of immunotherapy and the experience of treating oncologically sick people.