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Recently, negotiations between the MedicaTour company and Bangkok Hospital Pattaya took place in Moscow. At the meeting, possible options for interaction and the development of further cooperation were touched upon, as well as the upcoming joint events of the two sides were planned.
During a recent visit to Istanbul, management of MedicaTour visited the Metabolic Surgery Clinic of Dr. Alper Celik. Doctor is a professor and president of Metabolic Foundation and Metabolic Association in Turkey. The clinic of Dr. Celik performs unique metabolic operations for the treatment of type 2 diabetes - ileum interposition.
From 19 to 22.02, the management of the MedicaTour company was invited on a business visit to inspect the Memorial Hospital in Istanbul. Treatment in the Memorial Hospitals covers absolutely all pathologies, both for adults and for children. Everything is provided for the convenience and comfort of patients.
We are pleased to announce that MedicaTour company is starting to work with a network of dental clinics El Dentista in Egypt, in the cities of Hurghada, Cairo and Marsa el Alam. Negotiations were held in Moscow with the owner of the clinic, maxillofacial surgeon Tarek Abo El Haggag about further cooperation.
On 19 and 20.01.2023, a major medical tourism event TRUST medical tourism exhibition & B2B meeting event was held in Antalya. MedicaTour, at the request of the organizers, gathered and brought to the event a delegation of buyers from Russia, as well as invited colleagues and partners from other countries. In total, the delegation consisted of 34 people from Russia, Germany, Croatia, Israel, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Tunisia. These were representatives of medical tourism agencies, doctors, representatives of Russian clinics and insurance companies.
On January 25 and 26, medical tourism company MedicaTour, Yusupov Hospital (Moscow) and LIV Bona Dea Clinic (Baku, Azerbaijan) organized free consultations of a world-famous specialist, associate professor, doctor of medical sciences, neurosurgeon Mukhittin Emre Altunrende on the basis of the Yusupov hospital. In two days, the doctor consulted more than 30 patients both in person and online.

In early December, at the MedTravelExpo-2022 exhibition in Moscow, the stand of the MedicaTour company was visited by a delegation of the Embassy of the Republic of Sri Lanka in Russia to get acquainted and discuss possible further cooperation. As a result of the meeting, representatives of MedicaTour were invited to the Embassy for negotiations on the development of medical tourism in Sri Lanka, as well as the export of medical services in Russia. At the meeting at the Embassy, the main aspects of cooperation were worked out, further ways of interaction were outlined, and the next events for the exchange of experience between Russian and Sri Lankan specialists were planned.

We are pleased to announce that MedicaTour has started collaboration with a new partner in India - Arihant Hospital, which is located in Dehradun, one of the most beautiful cities in India. The chief physician and the owner of the hospital, Dr. Abhishek Jain, recently visited Moscow to personally get acquainted with the management of MedicaTour and to discuss the terms of cooperation. The doctor visited the largest Russian exhibition of medical tourism MedTravelExpo-2022, talked with Russian colleagues, and after the event met personally with MedicaTour management to discuss future cooperation and to sign an agreement. Since this was the first visit to Russia for our esteemed guest, and, in particular, to Moscow, we organized for a doctor a small city tour.

In mid-2022, the World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared that medicine in Cuba has reached the highest level and is recognized as one of the most progressive models in the world. Cuba invests huge funds in the development of new drugs and methods for the treatment of such complex diseases as meningitis, hepatitis, diabetes, Parkinson's disease, psoriasis, vitiligo, as well as the entire spectrum of oncological diseases. The MedicaTour company has signed a cooperation agreement on the treatment of patients in Cuba within the framework of the MedTravelExpo 2022 exhibition.

From December 5 to December 8, the fifth anniversary exhibition MedTravelExpo, which is the largest medical tourism event in Russia, was held at the Expocenter in Moscow. MedicaTour Company has been participating in this exhibition for the fifth year and is an official partner of the event.

Recently, our company started working with the Moscow branch of the Israeli hospital Hadassah - Hadassah Medical Moscow. Now it is not necessary to fly to Israel at all - you can get the same treatment in Moscow. The clinic is located on the territory of famous Russian innovation cluster "Skolkovo" in Moscow. The reception here is conducted by Israeli specialists and Russian doctors with international experience. The clinic may use drugs that have not yet been registered in Russia.

Our company was recently approached by ICHC Center from Cairo, the capital of Egypt, with an offer of cooperation. The clinic is specialized in orthopedics and rehabilitation, and it also uses stem cell therapy. We are always open to expanding the geography of treatment of our patients, and therefore, after carefully studying the potential of the medical institution and talking with the clinic management, we decided to conclude a cooperation agreement, thereby opening another country for our patients to undergo treatment.

On November 23, a workshop organized by our Turkish partners took place at the Radisson Blu Olympiskiy Hotel in Moscow, in which our company acted as a co-organizer of the event. Workshop was held in B2B format. At the request of our Turkish partners, we invited many well-known figures from the world of medical tourism and Russian healthcare - clinics, agencies, doctors, etc. to the event.
Mexico is not only a country of tortillas and sombreros, but also a Mecca of medical tourism. This is due to affordable prices and the quality of one of the best medical sciences in the world. According to the University of California at Los Angeles, more than one million people from Canada and America fly here to receive medical care. We are pleased to announce that our company has begun to develop this direction.
We are glad to inform you that yesterday the company "MedicaTour" signed a cooperation agreement with the Medical Center under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia. Center is multi-profile and accepts patients from all over the world.
From 16 to 19.10, the management of MedicaTour paid a business visit to its new partners in Turkey - the network of ACIBADEM Hospitals. ACIBADEM today is a super brand among the world leaders in healthcare. There are 22 clinics, 18 medical centers in the network.
Dear friends, we are pleased to inform you that the MedicaTour company has started cooperating with the LIV BONA DEA HOSPITAL in Baku (Azerbaijan). We are very pleased to have such a partner in Azerbaijan, especially since Azerbaijan is very popular among Russians now.
Founder and CEO of MedicaTour Tatiana Sokolov has released her third book – "A model of working with patients in medical tourism". In the book, Tatiana shares her experience and talks in detail about how to structure the work and avoid possible mistakes.
From 7 to 9.09 2022, the management of the MedicaTour company visited the new MediSpa hotel - the MAYRVEDA Kislovodsk 5* hotel. MAYRVEDA was opened a year ago. The hotel is based on a unique concept, which consists of three components: the Austrian Mayer - medicine, Ayurveda - the ancient Indian doctrine of life and the unique natural resources of Kislovodsk - mineral waters, therapeutic mud from Tambukan Lake and high mountain air.
The company "MedicaTour" began cooperation with the network of dental clinics "Estetix" in Moscow. The Estetik Professorial Dental Center ranks 23rd in the TOP-100 Dental Network Clinics in Russia according to "Kommersant" magazine.

We would like to inform all our clients that we have started cooperation with the new Russian clinic MAMMA. MAMMA is a multidisciplinary clinic equipped with modern equipment. The clinic employs a unique team of professionals who help patients even in the most difficult cases.

To the attention of our patients: we are pleased to inform you that a unique CAR-T-cell treatment for patients with leukemia and lymphoma has become available in one of our partner clinics in Turkey. In Europe and America, this therapy costs an insane amount of money, and China, with which we actively worked before the pandemic in this area of treatment, is still closed to receiving foreign patients.

1.08 The management of the company MedicaTour was invited to participate in the Turkish educational seminar on "Treatment and recovery in Turkey", which was held in Moscow at the Hilton Leningradskaya hotel. CEO of MedicaTour Tatiana Sokolov was asked to make a welcoming speech for all participants of the event from the Russian side.
CEO of MedicaTour Tatiana Sokolov by order of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, developed a brochure on medical tourism on the topic "How to work with requests from agencies for foreign patients."
We are pleased to announce that MedicaTour has started working with a unique doctor of science, professor, founder and member of the scientific advisory German Thermal Ablation Center - Hydayi Korkusuz.