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On February 20, MedicaTour management visited the Fomin Clinic in Moscow. This is a federal network of multidisciplinary medical centers. Today, 20 clinics operate under this brand in 12 cities: in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tver, Kaluga, Tula, Perm, Penza, Voronezh, Belgorod, Ufa, Krasnodar and Sochi.
The MedicaTour company, together with the Chinese tour operator Sanya Bulaosong International Travel Service, organized from 17 to 25.01.2024 an advertising tour for Russian medical tourism workers, healthcare professionals, representatives of the insurance business and the tourism industry to Hainan Island (China).
From November 27 to 29, the MedicaTour management visited on a business visit one of the hospitals of Turkey’s largest network, Medical Park, in Antalya. During the acquaintance with the hospital, very productive and informative meetings were organized with doctors, as well as with the management and international department of the clinic to plan further cooperation.

7.11 Development Director of the MedicaTour company Oleg Ponimatko visited a network of private medical centers in Krasnodar - the Ekaterininskaya Clinic - on a business visit. This is one of the largest networks of multidisciplinary clinics in the south of Russia. Seven multidisciplinary clinics are located in Krasnodar and one diagnostic and treatment center in Sochi.

From 5 to 8.11, CEO of MedicaTour Tatiana Sokolov visited the city of Astana, Kazakhstan, on a business visit to get acquainted with the level of development of medicine and the possibility of cooperation with Kazakhstan in the field of medical tourism.
From October 26 to November 2, the MedicaTour company, at the request of the Iranian side, gathered and brought to "Sabah International Medical and Health Tourism Exhibition" a Russian delegation of doctors, medical tourism agencies, representatives of the insurance business and several leading Russian clinics. The international exhibition of medical tourism in this region was organized for the first time.

We are glad to inform you that the company MedicaTour has started cooperation with the largest Russian network of ophthalmological clinics "Yazniy vzor". All children's pathologies are successfully treated in this network, even those that were considered incurable until recently. The clinics also carry out even children's laser correction for therapeutic purposes, which helps the child to get rid of glasses in time and live a full-fledged child's life.

We are pleased to announce that MedicaTour and Jazeera Airways are launching a joint project to attract Arab patients to Russia for treatment. Negotiations were held today, and further cooperation on this issue is planned.

On September 13, the Turkish-Russian Workshop, organized by the Turkish company TRUST together with the Russian medical tourism company MedicaTour, was successfully held. 25 Turkish hospitals from different regions of Turkey came to the event: Memorial, Medicana, Medipol, Medical Park, BHT clinic, Algomed Hospital and others.

On August 9, negotiations between the management of the MedicaTour company and the Trade Adviser of the Embassy took place in Moscow at the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey. During the discussion, the ways of further cooperation between our countries in the development of medical tourism were outlined.
Oncology treatment with heavy ions has become available for MedicaTour patients. This technique is considered better than proton therapy and X-rays.
Our company has been offering innovative treatment for cancer patients for many years.We offer immunotherapy with dendritic cells in some countries and finally we started working on this issue with Japan, namely with the Hasumi Protocol (HITV).
From July 3-6, the management of the MedicaTour company paid a business visit to the city of Bursa for the first time, namely the Doruk hospital network at the invitation of the owners and top managers of this network. During the visit, many joint plans were outlined for the development of business and Russian-Turkish cooperation between our countries.
Recently, representatives of the largest private hospital group in Germany, Sana Hospital Group, contacted the management of MedicaTour with a proposal for cooperation. Our company has been working with Germany for a very long time, but there has never been such a major player in our German portfolio. After several online meetings and negotiations, a contract was agreed and signed.

Our company has been developing the direction of treatment in Russia for a long time and every day we receive more and more requests from patients from all over the world for treatment in Russian hospitals and medical centers and, in particular, in Moscow. In order to regulate and develop this area, MedicaTour, together with the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry, decided to gather a group of professionals from medical tourism and other related industries (tourism, medical equipment, carriers, insurance, hotels) and organized Moscow Expert Council on Medical Tourism, which was chaired by the Founder and CEO of MedicaTour Tatiana Sokolov.

The management of the MedicaTour company met and held talks with the Doruk hospital network, which are located in the city of Bursa in Turkey. As a result of the negotiations, a cooperation agreement was signed and the first steps for interaction were outlined.
On May 22, a large industry conference organized by the Committee on Tourism of the City of Moscow "Tourism of Moscow: New Horizons" took place. CEO of the company "MedicaTour" was invited to participate in the business panel "Cooperation of the tourist community, medical organizations and the city: new formats of interaction".
From May 2 to May 6, the Indian hospital Arihant from Dehradun, together with the company MedicaTour, organized an advertising trip to India to the city of Dehradun, to the Arihant hospital. The Russian delegation included representatives of medical tourism, tourism, Russian doctors, the director of a charitable foundation and a representative of medical insurance. The Indian side organized a great reception, the tour program was very rich and interesting.

On April 26, the defense of dissertations for Chinese students of the joint-Russian-Chinese Master's degree module for the qualification "Doctor of Management in healthcare" took place at University MISIS. This is the first pilot project to train Chinese students at MISIS. The general director of "MedicaTour" Tatiana Sokolov taught Chinese students in the educational module "Healthcare". And on April 26, her first student successfully defended himself. The project has not been completed yet, dissertations will be defended in June 2023.

On April 25, medical tourism experts met and negotiated at the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The proposal to create an expert council on medical tourism on the basis of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry was considered.
On April 20, at the initiative of the Trade and Economic Department of the Spanish Embassy in Moscow, a business breakfast was organized for representatives of various spheres of Russian business. The management of the MedicaTour company represented the direction of medical tourism.
First Genetics is a Russian laboratory that has many years of experience in the field of genetics, laboratory diagnostics and bioinformatics. The laboratory conducts unique studies, for example, studies on the carriage of gene diseases, sequencing of the mitochondrial genome, chromosomal micromatrix analysis, studies to confirm progressive Duchenne/Becker muscular dystrophy, genetic testing of oncology and other studies.
Recently, the management of the MedicaTour company was invited to the office of the Russian laboratory Dialab to discuss possible joint projects. During the negotiations, some "points of contact" were found and the first test versions of interaction were planned.
Recently, negotiations between the MedicaTour company and Bangkok Hospital Pattaya took place in Moscow. At the meeting, possible options for interaction and the development of further cooperation were touched upon, as well as the upcoming joint events of the two sides were planned.
During a recent visit to Istanbul, management of MedicaTour visited the Metabolic Surgery Clinic of Dr. Alper Celik. Doctor is a professor and president of Metabolic Foundation and Metabolic Association in Turkey. The clinic of Dr. Celik performs unique metabolic operations for the treatment of type 2 diabetes - ileum interposition.