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From May 13 till 17, a representative of the largest group of Indian hospitals Max Hospitals came to Moscow on a business trip specifically to meet with MedicaTour and its Russian partners to discuss work plans. During the business visit, a business partnership was discussed, the goals and deadlines for specific marketing and PR campaigns were outlined.
The fact that immunity and the development of cancer are closely interrelated, scientists found out in the middle of the last century. And further studies have only confirmed this. The oncologist-immunologist Inta Jaunalksne, who has been working on this issue for almost thirty years, tells us about modern methods of immunotherapy and the experience of treating oncologically sick people.
Inside the venous vessels, through which blood flows from the lower limbs to the heart, there are valves that prevent backflow of blood. Varicose veins arise due to the malfunctioning of the valves, which causes a reverse flow of blood to the lower extremities, which in turn leads to the expansion of the venous walls.
The laser generates energy in the spectrum of visible light. The color of the beam is blue, so the device is called Blue Laser. The blue beam can simultaneously perform two functions: perform a thin and precise tissue incision to remove damage, while maintaining adjacent vital structures; ensure that the blood stops immediately and block its flow to the affected areas. This combination of functions is exceptional, and until recently was not integrated into any device.
Recovery from chemotherapy or radiation treatment is 50% of success, because it depends on this whether there will be a long-term remission, if there will be metastases, etc. Integrative methods for rehabilitation work in a complex, reinforce each other, increase the effectiveness of the treatment by 60%!
Intravenous Cancer Therapy by Vitamin C is one of the new innovative cancer therapies. Intravenous administration of vitamin C refers to the method of parenteral administration of vitamin C (that is, bypassing the intestines and liver) to achieve therapeutic levels in the blood, tissues and organs.
Hemorrhoids is a pathological expansion of the hemorrhoidal veins of the mucous membrane of the anus. The tissues of the mucosa and submucosa inside the anus become swollen and fall out of the anus. At first, they usually do not cause any pain or bleeding, but eventually anal prolapse appears. The most common symptoms of hemorrhoids are rectal prolapse, bleeding, and pain.
Recently, Tatiana Sokolov, Founder and CEO of the company MedicaTour, was invited to Radio 1 to create and maintain her own program on medical tourism. Two issues of the program, “Overview of the Situation of Medical Tourism” and “Innovative Cancer Treatment Techniques” were already recorded, to which well-known experts in these fields were invited.
From 4 till 7 April, 2019, the management of MedicaTour was invited to Antalya to participate in the 3rd Global Exhibition of Medical Tourism and Sports HESTOUREX-2019. 6000 buyers from 165 countries of the world came to participate in this event.
Many people today are trying to find simplicity in many of their everyday activities. Some of the complains we here every day in our practice are problems with refractive errors and spectacles, or contact lens wear. For more than 95% of the people across the world, there are options and methods of how they can correct their vision.
Tumor or polyp can be removed regardless of size or location. This is the so-called ESD (Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection), an operation to remove the mucosal area affected by a tumor and part of the submucosal layer using special endoscopic equipment.
From March 13 to 15, 2019, the management of the company MedicaTour Ltd. was invited to represent Russia at the 5th Annual Medical Tourism Conference which was held this year in Zagreb, Croatia. The conference was organized at a high level, well-known speakers from around the world spoke.
Telemedicine currently plays an important role in managing the well-being of patients, as this makes possible to consult a doctor at a convenient time for them when it is physically impossible to personally come for a consultation. Therefore, many countries are already introducing this technology, for example, Aquila Medical, a well-known aesthetic medicine clinic in Singapore, provides its clients with the opportunity to follow them after the procedures performed at the clinic.
On 28 January a business meeting of the management of MedicaTour Ltd. with the administration of MedTravelExpo took place. During the meeting, an analysis of MedTravelExpo 2018 was made. But most importantly, the objectives and plans for organizing of the exhibition in 2019 were discussed.
The company MedicaTour started cooperation with the Federal Scientific and Clinical Center of Otorhinolaryngology of Russia, the leading largest specialized multidisciplinary medical institution of the Russian Federation in the otorhinolaryngology, head and neck surgery profile.
EuropeSpa med & wellness GmbH is an international system for assessing the quality of services for medical institutions. Currently, there are already certified institutions in the following countries: the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, but Russia and the CIS are not yet covered.
In early January 2019, a book about medical tourism “Business for Lady, or My Life in Medical Tourism” was published, written by Tatiana Sokolov, Founder and CEO of the company MedicaTour, an international expert in medical tourism, and a speaker at international conferences and forums.
HydraFacial is an invigorating treatment that delivers long-term skin health and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of all skin types. It offers instant, noticeable results with no downtime or irritation.
The Perk system can be attached on to the Hydrafacial. This all-in-one cleanse with benefits merges an in-office exfoliation service with a month long regimen of take-home products.
In Aquila Medical clinic, each client is given a completely free Visia Complexion Analysis, which allows for a deep analysis of the patient’s individual skin qualities and characteristics of his face. This allows the doctor to properly develop, adjust and adapt the patient's skin care program, as well as monitor the treatment process.
The Federal State Scientific Institution “Federal Research and Clinical Center for Resuscitation and Rehabilitation” (FNCC RR) was established by a decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 815 dated August 15, 2014, in order to solve one of the most pressing problems of modern healthcare - treatment and rehabilitation of the most difficult category of patients with severe head injuries. brain, long staying on artificial ventilation of the lungs and having impaired consciousness.