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The well-known medical tourism exhibition HESTOUREX 2022 was held in Baku from June 23 to 25. It was the first major event organized by Turkish organizers after a two-year break due to the coronavirus pandemic. The management of medical schools took an active part in it. The event was held for the first time in Azerbaijan, in the city of Baku, and, as always, was organized at the highest level. Representatives from 50 countries came to HESTOUREX 2022.
MedicaTour has signed a cooperation agreement with a well-known Turkish clinic where stem cells are used to treat ophthalmic problems.
27.05.2022 the management of the company MedicaTour attended the event "LTM spring 2022" for the development of partnerships. It was very pleasant that despite the difficult political situation, a lot of partners from different countries of the world came to Moscow to participate in this event: Turkey, Montenegro, Cyprus, Russia, South Korea, Greece, Maldives, Thailand, France, Monaco, Bahrain, Mauritius, Spain, Andorra, Japan, Italy, Saudi Arabia Arabia.
As part of the implementation of the project of the Ministry of Health of the Samara Region "Integrated development of paid medical services of state healthcare institutions of the Samara Region", MedicaTour began cooperation with its representatives. One of the priority areas of the project is the export of medical services. More than 37,000 foreign citizens received medical care in medical institutions of the Samara region in 2021.
Recently, a meeting of representatives of Florence Nightingale Group and the management of MedicaTour Ltd. was held in Moscow, at which it was decided to start cooperation and plans were outlined for the development of the Group's clinics on the territory of the Russian Federation.
MedicaTour has started to cooperate with a Russian innovative laboratory, which makes a very popular test for oncological patients, in which a molecular study of the tumor is carried out and an individual treatment is prescribed that will be effective for this particular type of tumor.
On April 14 and 15, 2022, the management of MedicaTour took part in the conference “Opportunities for a private medical clinic in a comprehensive solution to the problems of obesity”. The conference was held on the territory of the corporate recreation center of the Russian medical holding "SM-clinic" in the Park-Hotel Basovskoye near Moscow.
From 4 to 04/07/2022, the management of the MedicaTour company was invited to Republic of Ingushetia in order to get acquainted with the medical base of the sanatorium "Armkhi". The sanatorium is located in the protected Dzheirakhsky district "Mountainous Ingushetia". This is an all season resort. In winter, you can go skiing here. The sanatorium treats cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the respiratory and musculoskeletal systems and the gastrointestinal tract.
Dear friends, we are pleased to inform you that MedicaTour has started working with world-famous VPS Healthcare premium clinics located throughout the UAE. They offer quality treatment for patients from all over the world.
On March 2, 2022, the management of MedicaTour was invited to an organized press tour by the Euroonco clinic in Moscow. Euroonco is a federal network of expert oncology clinics.
MedicaTour started cooperation with a new health resort in Qatar - Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som. A healthy lifestyle is based on 6 key principles: fitness, physiotherapy, spa, holistic approach, aesthetic beauty and nutrition.
The management of MedicaTour paid a business visit to the south of Crimea from 27 to 30.01.2022. Crimea is a natural inhaler. Here phytoncides of the forest, mixing with sea ions, create a unique cocktail with healing microelements. The Crimean climate is useful for the treatment of many diseases, for example, pulmonary, neurocircular dystonia, gynecology and others, and it is not by chance that such a thing as “crymotherapy” exists.
We would like to inform you that in Italy, in the resort of Fiuggi, after renovation, the legendary Palazzo Fiuggi hotel has opened as the world's leading wellness center. World-class specialists have developed unique innovative programs for the restoration and regeneration of the body on the basis of this medical center.
Great news for children in need of rehabilitation, as well as for adults. Our partners in Greece offer a 50% discount on rehabilitation programs for the period January and February 2022. Instead of 6,200 euros, rehabilitation in the center of Anagennisi (Thessaloniki) will cost 3,100 euros.
Dear clients of MedicaTour, we are pleased to inform you that there is an opportunity to improve your health, take a dip in thermal springs and celebrate the New Year holidays in Italy at the elite Lucia Magnani health clinic. The clinic is located in the Emilia Romagna region near Bologna, in a beautiful location. Reservation of treatment and recovery in the clinic is also possible after the New Year holidays.
From December 6 to December 9, 2021, MedicaTour took part in the MedTravelExpo exhibition, which was held in Moscow for the 4th time as part of the Russian Healthcare Week.
On December 8, 2021 at the presentation site of the MedTravelExpo-2021 exhibition, a presentation and autograph session of the second book of CEO of MedicaTour, Tatiana Sokolov, "Reflections during Isolation" was held.
From November 7 to 9, Tehran hosted a major event, the 5th Interantional Health Congress of Islamic Countries, which brought together health and medical tourism market players from all over the world "under one roof". In addition to MedicaTour, which represented Russia, representatives from 100 countries were invited: Germany, Belgium, Croatia, Serbia, Ghana, Ukraine, India, as well as from Oman, Turkey and other countries. Form MedicaTour CEO Tatyana Sokolov and Development Director Oleg Ponimatko attended the event.
The company "MedicaTour" together with the ophthalmological hospital "Svjetlost of Banja Luka" organized an advertising tour to Bosnia and Herzegovina in the city of Banja Luka from October 4 to 10, 2021 in order to get acquainted with the hospital "Svjetlost of Banja Luka", its possibilities, treatment methods and a team of doctors. The delegation from Russia included medical tourism agencies, doctors and administrators of Russian clinics.
From September 28 to October 1, 2021, CEO of MedicaTour was invited to Slovenia for the 12th Workshop SPA-CE and the 25th anniversary congress of ESPA (European SPA Association). The event took place in a beautiful location in the thermal spa Moravske Toplice.
From 15 to 18 September 2021, a workshop on medical tourism was organized in Saint Petersburg for the first time, which helped medical tourism agencies find partners in St. Petersburg. CEO of MedicaTour was invited to participate in this event. “Our company works closely with Moscow clinics, and St. Petersburg was not covered in our country, although we receive requests for treatment in St. Petersburg quite often,” Tatiana Sokolov said.
The Moscow Healthcare Department contacted MedicaTour as one of the central players in the medical tourism market and asked CEO of the company Tatiana Sokolov, a well-known speaker and international expert, to prepare a video report on market problems.
From 14 to 18.08, the management of MedicaTour, at the invitation of its Turkish partners CK Health Turkey, visited Antalya in order to get acquainted with Turkish medicine in this resort city. During their visit, Tatiana Sokolov and Oleg Ponimatko visited 4 clinics - two dental clinics and two general clinics.
MedicaTour launched TreatmentRussia.Com - a new project aimed entirely at treating citizens from all over the world in Russia. The project is intended to “bring together all Russian clinics (and subsequently sanatoriums) under one roof", so that the patient does not “wander around the Internet” in search of a clinic that suits him.
From 13 to 16.07 the management of the MedicaTour company was invited to a business trip to Iran in order to get acquainted with Iranian medicine. The MedicaTour management visited 9 Iranian hospitals and clinics, both public and private. Ways of further cooperation in the most interesting and demanded areas have been outlined.