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Video consultation with an oncologist from Germany

Author: Olga, Russia.

I heard about the firm "MedicaTour" on the RBC channel, just in case I saved the information. And now "just in case" has come. I applied for an online consultation (Second opinion or the opinion of a second doctor) and with a request to choose the best clinic for this purpose.

My documents with analyzes and biopsies were immediately sent to almost a dozen hospitals around the world, which immediately responded with a preliminary consultation on a treatment plan, supported by price lists. And all this is free for me! I was shocked!

As a result, I received a video consultation at the German clinic NordWest (for which, accordingly, I paid directly to the clinic) and am very pleased with the result. It was very important for me, and I am very grateful for this opportunity to Tatyana Sokolov!

P.S. I was a little hasty with the translation of documents: the clinic translates them into English itself, this is included in the price of the video consultation, so it is better to clarify this in advance when choosing a clinic. And one more thing: you will not be named the best clinic - you will have to weigh the information and make a choice yourself.