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Review about Kidney transplant

George Nyongguo, 52, was hospitalized for a kidney transplant with an alleged donor who is his son.

Max Hospitals team helped the patient obtain full authorization from a special committee, and after receiving the proper consent of the patient and his donor, a transplant of a live, connected kidney allograft was successfully performed.

After transplantation, the patient had a good urine output and a rapid decrease in serum creatinine. Its levels of tacrolimus, which controls the likelihood of organ rejection, were monitored, and doses adjusted accordingly. It was discharged in stable condition with serum creatinine 1.4 mg / dl.

Patient Review

“During a kidney transplant at Max Hospitals, I had less time waiting for the operation. The hospital is equipped with modern equipment that is not in my country. The well-organized teamwork of the international department, doctors, nurses and other hospital staff was demonstrated. I am also very pleased with the price - such as I have not met in any other country.

Dr. Anant Kumar and his team have advised us about the kidney transplant operation itself and the methods. We have chosen the modern technology of kidney transplantation using a robot. Dr. Anant Kumar is a responsive and very competent doctor. He spent enough time to advise us about the pre and postoperative process. He gave us as much time as needed. All employees were very dedicated to their job and did their job well.

Max Hospital is, in my opinion, the best kidney transplant hospital. ”

Dr. Anant Kumar

Dr. Anant Kumar has 32 years of experience in urology and kidney transplantation. He is one of the best kidney transplant specialists and specialists in robotic surgery in North India. Over the past 25 years, he has performed 2,200 kidney transplants and more than 1,500 donor nephrectomies.

His contributions to kidney transplantation and urology have been widely recognized both in India and around the world. He specializes in kidney transplantation, robotic laparoscopic urology, renovascular hypertension, laparoscopic urology, urological oncology, laser urological surgery and reconstructive urology.

The doctor is one of the most sought after surgeons in North India. His medical works are published in more than 160 prestigious medical journals. He also wrote several books and received many prestigious awards during medical education and training.