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Vacuum aspiration biopsy. Non-surgical removal of breast lesions

Vacuum aspiration biopsy (VAB) is a new, unique non-surgical method for removing small breast masses no larger than 2 cm. The method is an alternative to open surgical resection. This is an accurate and safe method of excision of fibroadenomas, cysts, papillomas and other pathologies.

More than 1.5 million procedures are performed worldwide every year. In Russia - up to 1500 procedures per year.

Method advantages

  • Duration of exposure - only 20 minutes
  • No anesthesia required, only local anesthesia
  • Maintaining the shape of the breast and milk ducts
  • No risk of scarring or scarring
  • Affordability of treatment
  • There is no rehabilitation period
  • Complication rate less than 1%
  • The risk of contamination of surrounding tissues with tumor cells is excluded

Preparing for the upcoming procedure

Careful preparation for the PSA has a key impact on its effectiveness. It is important to remember about time constraints: the intervention is not recommended 3 days before and 3 days after the onset of menstruation. As prescribed by the attending physician, you must take a hemostatic drug.

In addition, you should undergo a number of examinations:

  • General analysis of urine and blood
  • Blood test for glucose, HIV, hepatitis B and C, RW (Wasserman reaction), blood group, Rh factor
  • Coagulogram (fibrinogen, INR, APTT)
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Fluorogram
  • Examination by a gynecologist

A light breakfast is recommended the day before the vacuum aspiration biopsy

Procedure steps

  1. Determination of education and implementation of local anesthesia under ultrasound navigation
  2. Placing a robotic needle under a pathological object
  3. Sophisticated mechanism at the end of the needle removes the entire node under ultrasound guidance

The seized biomaterial is sent for histological analysis. The whole process lasts no more than 20 minutes, a patch is applied to the puncture site. Hospitalization is not required, and after 2 hours the patient may well go about her business with the obligatory limitation of physical activity up to 24 hours.

Informative value of determining breast cancer by various methods

  • 10-80% - Fine needle aspiration biopsy (TAB)
  • 12-96% - Core biopsy
  • 98-100% - Vacuum aspiration biopsy

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