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Terme Olimia, Slovenia

Terme Olimia, Slovenia

The thermal resort “Terme Olimia” provides a full range of services - from relaxation in wellness centers and water activities in the water park to restoration of physical condition and internal balance, improvement of well-being, specialized preventive and therapeutic procedures and rehabilitation measures under the supervision of highly qualified doctors.

Water in all pools of the resort and in the water park is thermomineral, according to the balneological classification, it is magnesium-calcium-bicarbonate water with a temperature of 30 ° C - 37 ° C. Water has a high silicon content, which promotes the renewal of soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, skin), neutralizes free radicals and thus slows down the aging process. The ratio of calcium and magnesium is ideal for the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis.

Bathing in thermal water reduces muscle tension, increases joint flexibility and overall muscle strength, and relieves pain. Blood circulation in the body improves, metabolism and the process of elimination of toxins are accelerated. The anti-inflammatory and bacteriostatic effects of thermal water on the skin are useful in chronic non-infectious skin diseases.

When administered, thermal water evens out the acid-base balance in the body.

Treatment in Terme Olimia

  • Rehabilitation of disorders of the musculoskeletal system (after operations, after injuries, after prosthetics)
  • Treatment of degenerative extra-articular and articular rheumatism (arthrosis of the knee and hip joints, chondrosis and spondylarthrosis)
  • Treatment of inflammatory rheumatic diseases (rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis, Ankylosing spondylitis)
  • Treatment of pain in the cervical and lumbar spine - the treatment of damaged joints, ligaments, muscles, degenerative diseases, etc.
  • Treatment of neurological symptoms - post-traumatic damage to peripheral nerves, etc.
  • Recovery of neurovegetative depletion
  • Treatment of trophic ulcers and diabetic polyneuropathy

The health center is equipped with the most modern equipment, highly qualified doctors, physical therapy instructors, masseurs and other medical personnel work in it.

Patients are offered a wide selection of restorative, preventive and therapeutic procedures.

The center’s specialists have developed their own methodology, the Olimsky Approach, for the prevention, detection and effective treatment of musculoskeletal problems in the most natural way. The technique helps to eliminate or reduce problems with the spine, muscles and joints with a long-term effect as soon as possible. There are also rehabilitation programs after injuries and surgeries.

Hotel of resort Terme Olimia

The resort has three 4 * category hotels, a 3 * category Lipa cottage village, as well as several wellness centers and the Aqualuna thermal amusement park (3000 square meters of water surfaces), which has a swimming pool with waves, water downhill tracks, high-speed slides and dangerous bends.

Surroundings of Terme Olimia

The surrounding area is very picturesque and interesting. "Terme Olimia" is located in the lap of nature and naturally fits into the surrounding forests and hills. A few steps from the hotel - and you are already walking through the forest or riding along bicycle paths laid through the forest.

Not far from it is the village of Olimieux, recognized in 2009 as the most beautiful village in Europe! Above it on a hill rises a 11th-century castle. Since 1999, minority monks have been taking care of him. On the territory of the monastery are an elegant temple and the 3rd oldest pharmacy in Europe, which preserved ancient frescoes. The monks keep and continue the centuries-old traditions of healing and from the herbs grown in their pharmacy garden, they make and sell teas, honey, tinctures and ointments in the pharmacy.

In the village of Olimieux there is a small chocolate factory and a chocolate boutique, a private brewery. A little further - a deer breeding farm with its own restaurant and shop, as well as a winery.

Nearby is a golf club - a 9-hole course and a training ground, a restaurant with Slovenian dishes and high-quality vintage wines from the local wine region.

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