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Clinic of children diabetes treatment, Spain

One of the few clinics that provides a comprehensive program for the treatment of diabetes in children and youth (not older than 25 years) using insulin pumps, continuous glucose monitoring systems and integrated systems. The clinic has a narrow specialization, which allows you to focus on the characteristics of the therapy of this group of patients to achieve maximum results.

The peculiarity of the method is the combination of a comprehensive approach to the treatment of diabetes and the latest technological developments. Patients are offered an annual maintenance program, which includes:

  • medical consultations
  • analyzes
  • insulin pumps, continuous monitoring systems
  • diabetes school (training in the basics of diabetes control, proper use of technology and proper nutrition)
  • consultation of a psychologist for the patient and family members

In addition to medical consultations, analyzes, training and psychological support, the program also includes the latest models of medical devices and their installation. Today it is: Medtronic 640G, i-Port, bolus calculator, Abbott Freestyle Libre, Dexcom G4, Dexcom G5, Roche Accu-Chek y Animas Vibe.

The patient receives medical support for the entire duration of the annual program, while there is no need to stay permanently in Madrid.

For the convenience of foreign patients, the clinic has developed a special program that allows you to receive high-quality medical care regardless of place of residence.

Children's Diabetes Treatment Program

Children's diabetes treatment program

The annual program includes all clinic services. In-person consultations are held approximately every 2 months, and in between, the patient receives consultations online using telemedicine and video conferencing. If the patient cannot attend one of the face-to-face visits to the clinic, in consultation with the clinic, a scheduled consultation is carried out online. In addition, foreign patients receive support in resolving travel arrangements, obtaining visas, staying in Madrid, and arranging transfers.

Maintaining an optimal level of metabolic control from an early age is critical to avoid complications and chronic diseases in the future and maintain a high quality of life for the small patient and his family.

Clinic specialists have more than 10 years of experience in the treatment of diabetes in leading clinics in the world and are constantly involved in medical research and conferences in collaboration with leading companies in the industry. The head doctor of the clinic has the best treatment for type 1 diabetes among those published in Europe.

Comprehensive treatment is the key to success in diabetes control and the key to your child’s healthy future.

Cost of treatment

The cost of the annual diabetes treatment program in the clinic of Spain: 8900euro.

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