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Sha Wellness Clinic, Spain

The objectives of the SHA clinic are to make cardinal, positive, and most importantly, long-term changes in the everyday life of a person to achieve a harmonious balance.

Healthy nutrition, the most effective methods of natural therapy and innovative medical achievements are SHA's main tools in achieving the best results in the shortest possible time.

The clinic has 93 suites, represented by 5 different categories and each of which has a spacious terrace and a picturesque view of the sea and mountains.

SHA team

The clinic is accompanied by experts in areas such as dietetics, natural therapy, genetics, psychology, dentistry, ophthalmology, cognitive stimulation, as well as preventive, anti-aging, aesthetic, regenerative and sports medicine. More than 300 professionals from 35 countries work for a common goal - to make your life better.

SHA method

Lifestyle, nutrition and genetics determine our health and well-being. The SHA method includes the most effective and time-tested methods of natural therapy, proper nutrition and the latest Western innovations, especially in such areas of medicine as preventive, genetic and anti-aging medicine. The combined use of these techniques, carried out under the close supervision of specialists, allows you to get a much more lasting positive effect than when using each of them individually.

SHA food

Nutrition in SHA is based on the healing properties of macrobiotics. Since ancient times, the basic canons have been adapted to modern life, evolving into a flexible, practical and natural diet, which is adjusted according to the time of year and place of residence, as well as the individual needs of each client.

The principles of SHA diet are fully consistent with the recommendations of the World Health Organization and coincide with the latest developments of scientific institutions in the field of nutrition, such as Harvard Medical School and Cornell University.

Natural Therapy Methods

The clinic offers the most effective and time-tested methods of natural therapy performed by internationally recognized experts: acupuncture, shiatsu, deep tissue massage, reflexology, osteopathy, reiki, moxibustion and much more.

The task of these procedures is to activate the regulatory and self-healing abilities of the body, which usually turn out to be blocked or weakened due to an improper lifestyle.

SHA Academy

The objective of the clinic is to ensure that the achieved level of well-being remains at maximum height for many years. For this purpose, an academy was created where, where thematic lectures are held, master classes in healthy cuisine, as well as classes in relaxation, meditation, yoga, breathing techniques and many other group lessons that will help to gain the necessary knowledge and skills in order to have a good physical, mental and emotional well-being accompanied his whole life.

Healthy aging

The objectives of SHA are not just to prevent or slow down the process of premature aging after identifying its causes, but to activate the body's natural systems responsible for various metabolic processes. SHA anti-aging therapy methods are mainly aimed at providing a life full of health and energy, regardless of its age stages.

The goal of the Department of Anti-Aging Medicine is to slow down the process of cell destruction and activate the health potential of every person. In addition to this, the Department of Regenerative Medicine has in its arsenal the most advanced biotechnologies that activate cell growth by stimulating regeneration processes in tissues and organs. This was made possible thanks to the widespread use of stem cells, as well as components of adipose tissue, blood plasma and bone marrow.

Aesthetic medicine

SHA has the power to slow down the aging process and help the skin regain a healthy, youthful and natural glow, which not only improves the appearance, but also enhances the feeling of self-confidence. The team of the Department of Aesthetic Medicine includes world-renowned specialists who regularly participate in the most important international congresses on aesthetics.

All the methods used by them fully comply with the canons of the clinic's philosophy: the use of minimally invasive procedures with maximum efficiency, allowing the patient to immediately return to his usual lifestyle. In addition to manual techniques, the Department of Aesthetic Medicine also uses the most advanced hardware methods, the effect of which exceeds all expectations.

Inner balance

Meditation, yoga, Pilates, tai chi, stress relieving trainings and many other techniques allow you to achieve internal balance and restore emotional well-being, which directly affect overall health.

That is why they pay great attention to these classes, which, in combination with physical exercises, allow you to restore inner harmony.


The clinic has a well-coordinated team of specialists in physiotherapy, osteopathy and personal training. They select the ideal set of exercises, including kinesis, circular cardio and strength training, power plate, aqua-jim, electrical stimulation and much more.

The fitness area is equipped with the most innovative fitness equipment which guests can use under the guidance of a professional trainer. There is also a spacious outdoor terrace for outdoor activities and an extensive park area around the clinic, which is ideal for Nordic walking, hiking, cycling and hiking to the T-shirt or beach.

Cognitive skills development

The clinic uses the most effective scientific methods to maximize the level of a person’s physical and mental potential.

The task is to improve the mental well-being and mental abilities of a person with the help of a specially developed program that includes consultations with a specialist in cognitive processes and an individually selected set of specialized exercises. This unique method, developed by the clinic team in conjunction with research and development international institutes, combines anti-aging technologies that increase the level of cognitive potential.

Clinic location

Despite the fact that SHA itself is a tourist attraction, and most guests prefer to devote all their time to their wellness program and classes at the SHA Academy, it should be noted that the clinic is located in a very good location.

In addition to the favorable climate, the local region has natural parks and wonderful beaches, the proximity of which gives a lot of opportunities for sports and active leisure.

The clinic's surroundings also have numerous professional golf courses, charming towns and villages with a rich cultural heritage, colorful architecture and incredible gastronomy. And the great good nature and friendliness of the Spanish people frame the exemplary picture of an ideal holiday.

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