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Childbirth in Spain

The maternity clinic in Spain is located in Malaga. The total area of medical premises is 24,600 sq.m., modern equipment, more than 200 doctors and surgeons of the highest level and more than 36 medical specialties available to patients.

The clinic is designed to provide individual and high-quality comprehensive care. The work of specialists is aimed at achieving the well-being of patients and their families. The hospital is equipped with the most modern equipment.

The building is divided into two blocks connected by a hinged corridor. On the ground floor there is a kindergarten and a cafeteria. The hospital has a total of 106 rooms (wards), of which 25 suites.

The clinic has an interdisciplinary unit that provides assistance based on an integrated approach.

Childbirth program in Spain

The patient enters the hospital in the hands of an obstetrician, who keeps the condition of the mother and child until the birth. Before delivery, the patient is in an individual ward, at the time of delivery, the patient is lowered into the maternity ward. If an epidural is needed, then the patient is also lowered into the maternity ward, where she stays until the moment of delivery.

Childbirth in Malaga is attended by a doctor, there is also a nurse, an obstetrician and a pediatrician. If there is an epidural, an anesthesiologist is present before the end of labor.

After the baby is born, it is handed over to a pediatrician for examination. Then the mother and baby are lifted into the ward where she was before giving birth. The child is with his mother throughout his stay in the hospital. Stay in the hospital for three days during normal childbirth and four - if it is Caesarean. The analysis from the heel of the child is taken on the fourth day after his birth.

The hospital provides everything necessary for mom and baby, including diapers and hygiene products. The wishes of the mother are taken into account: whether she will feed the child herself or with mixtures that are also provided by the hospital. In the field of obstetrics and gynecology, the opportunity for humanized childbirth in the bathroom is offered.

The services include bright and comfortable rooms with a plasma TV and a separate bed for the attendant, as well as a meal menu for the patient and the attendant.

The hospital has one of the most equipped intensive care units for newborns among private clinics in Spain, which is prepared for childbirth up to 34 weeks.

Doctors are as attentive as possible to patients and their babies. Extensive experience working together with leading technologies allows us to deliver babies as safely, efficiently and comfortably as possible for our patients.

The cost of childbirth in Spain

Natural childbirth: 4510euro.

Caesarean: 6060euro.

Paperwork: 400 euro (the cost of paperwork at the Russian Embassy) + 150 euro (services of an accompanying specialist).

The cost of childbirth in Spain includes:

1. Meeting at the airport and accommodation at the clinic.

2. Upon arrival at the hospital: last tests before childbirth, monitors, epidural (if necessary).

Menu to choose from (4 meals a day: breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner); meals are also provided for one accompanying person.

On the first day after cesarean - light meals.

The accompanying person has the opportunity to stay in the ward 24 hours a day. There is a sofa bed with bed linen and a blanket for the accompanying person in the ward. A towel and a bathrobe are provided for the bathroom.

The ward is cleaned and bed linen is changed every day.

3. The patient is given pajamas, individual slippers and other hygiene products at the time of arrival at the hospital.

Diapers, a bottle with food (if necessary) and all hygiene products are provided for the child at the time of stay in the hospital, as well as a bath (if the patient needs the help of staff at the time of bathing the child, qualified workers will help her with this).

For non-breast-feeding, pills are given to interrupt milk. On the 4th day after birth, the child is analyzed from the heel.

The discharge takes place on the 3rd day if the birth took place independently, and if there was a caesarean, the discharge takes place on the 4th day.

4. Upon discharge, subject to full payment of the cost of delivery, all necessary documents are issued.

5. At the request of the patient, it is also possible to be accompanied from the moment of arrival at the hospital until the end of childbirth.

The cost of childbirth in Spain is not included:

1. Subsequent vaccinations of the child.

2. Provision of services for registration of a child's birth certificate.

3. After birth, according to the laws of Spain, the child cannot apply for citizenship or residence permit. A birth certificate is issued for a newborn at the Russian Embassy in Spain.

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