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HM Hospitals, Madrid, Spain

HM Hospitales is a network of private clinics located throughout Spain and covering all medical and surgical specialties.

The network of HM Hospitales clinics consists of 43 centers: 17 hospitals, 4 high-tech specialized centers (oncology, cardiology, neuroscience and reproduction centers), as well as 22 clinics. The work of all these institutions is coordinated in order to offer patients an integrated approach and provide all necessary assistance.

HM Hospitales provides patients with personalized medical services focused on the health and needs of each patient. For this reason, for each patient, depending on his illness, a special medical team is created, with the guarantee that each professional entering it is the best in his specialized field.

To provide comprehensive patient care before and after treatment, this team coordinates actions with doctors at the place of residence and with other hospital specialists.

HM Hospitales has many years of experience treating a large number of foreign patients from around the world. Multilingual staff meet the patient and accompany him throughout the entire treatment process. Also, if necessary, the patient’s personal doctor, family members, and medical insurance companies will be informed about the patient’s health status.


A comprehensive cancer center is understated by diagnosis and treatment, taking into account the multidisciplinary approach, with the prior consent of the patients. The center treats more than 2000 cases of cancer with a high level of complexity, with more than 2500 new cases annually.

  • Department of lung tumor
  • Digestive tract tumor
  • Female genital tumor department
  • Breast tumor department
  • Genitourinary and prostate tumors
  • Tumor department of the central nervous system, neurooncology
  • Sarcoma Department
  • Tumor of the head and neck
  • Department of Oncohematology (spinal cord transplant program)
  • Department of Pediatric Oncohematology (spinal cord transplant program, music therapy program)
  • Department of Oncology Odontology
  • Family and Hereditary Cancer Program


In the complex center of cardiovascular diseases HM, highly specialized treatment of all cardiac and vascular diseases is carried out. According to medical results, the Center is a guide and example of resource efficiency.

  • Department of Valve Pathology
  • Heart Diagnostics Department
  • Department of Congenital Cardiopathy
  • Department of Cardiac Electrophysiology and Clinical Arrhythmology
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation Program
  • Structural Cardiopathy Hemodynamics Program


A comprehensive neurological center covers all areas of neuroscience, uses a multidisciplinary approach, focused on providing the best diagnosis and treatment of neurodegenerative, neuro-functional and mental diseases.

  • Department of neurodegenerative diseases and diseases of the motor system
  • Department of Functional Neurosurgery (Parkinson's disease and other diseases)
  • Department of Cognitive Disorders


  • Severe Mental Illness Program
  • Eating Disorders Program
  • Drug Addiction and Dual Pathology Program
  • Program for Neurocognitive Disorders and Psychogeriarthria
  • Child and Perinatal Psychiatry Program


  • High Risk Pregnancy Unit
  • Department of Prenatal Diagnostics and Fetal Medicine
  • Separation of labor with minimal intervention and natural birth
  • Umbilical cord blood stem cell preservation program

Infertility treatment

  • Artificial insemination program
  • Conception Ability Program
  • Egg Donation Program

Other branches of HM Hospitales

  • Rehabilitation department
  • Overweight Treatment Department
  • Pain department
  • Department of Clinical Research
  • Department of Sports Medicine and Traumatology
  • Department of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery
  • Sleep Department
  • Department of pelvic floor problems
  • Department of Female Radiology
  • Diabetes department
  • Department of Clinical Genetics
  • Home Care Unit
  • Bloodless Surgery Program

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