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Teknon Epilepsy Institute, Barcelona, Spain

Teknon Medical Center - the leading private medical center in Spain, is part of the Quironsalud group and the Fresenius medical concern.

The Teknon Institute of Epilepsy provides accurate diagnosis of the disease and treatment using medical methods and robotic neurosurgery.

Epilepsy Treatment Methods

Drug therapy is the main treatment for epilepsy. In some cases, a correctly selected treatment regimen allows you to completely get rid of seizures.

In Spain, 28 antiepileptic drugs are available. It is very important to choose a treatment regimen taking into account individual tolerance, therefore, at the Teknon Institute of Epilepsy, drugs are selected under the supervision of a round-the-clock video EEG monitoring. This allows you to track the effect of each drug on brain activity and make the most effective scheme.


Surgical treatment is used if:

  • Malformation or neoplasm detected in the brain that can cause seizures
  • Drug therapy does not bring relief

The technical equipment of Teknon allows for complex operations under the control of neuronavigation, which minimizes the risk of postoperative surgery and reduces the risk after surgical complications.

Doctor consultation online

Consultation with the head physician of the Institute is available. You get:

  • Official medical report
  • Diagnostic and treatment plan
  • Detailed budget calculation
  • Step-by-step trip plan

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