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Ophthalmology Center ICR (Institut Català de Retina)

Ophthalmology Center ICR (Institut Català de Retina)

Institut Català de Retina (ICR) is an ophthalmological centre of national and international reference, founded more than 35 years ago by Dr. Ramon Martí i Bonet. Its main objectives are the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and control of diseases of the eyes, the visual system and the ocular adnexa.

The more than 350 professionals of the group, including 80 ophthalmologists, have managed to turn it into a pioneer organization of recognized prestige in the field of health and, especially, within the field of ophthalmology. One of the priorities of our center, in addition, is to offer a humane and personalized treatment, that is why our healthcare team is also trained to attend patients in English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, German or Russian.

ICR stands out not only for having highly qualified professionals but also for having the latest technological advances, both for diagnostic tests, as well as for lasers and surgical and therapeutic procedures. Our passion for the care of vision makes us incorporate any novelty that may benefit the patient, provided that this is based on scientific evidence.

Technology serving vision

At the ICR we use the most cutting edge technology, whether for diagnostic tests, surgical procedures or treatment. We are also committed to minimally invasive surgery, which allows for faster patient recovery. Our passion for eye care means that we are constantly acquiring new technology which can benefit our patients, provided that such technology is based on sound scientific evidence.

International Patient Care Team

When travelling for health reasons, it is essential to feel cared for and well attended by the team in charge of your medical care. That is why at ICR we have a team of professionals who speak several languages and are entirely dedicated to international patient assistance.

The International Department is responsible for patients’ assistance from the moment they contact our center for the first time in order to request a medical appointment, whether they do it by phone or through Internet. We put at your disposal a specific assistance telephone line for international patients through which our team will help you make an appointment with the more appropriate specialist for your case on the date and time which best suits you.

Our International Department is made up of a medical and assistance team that provides accompaniment and assistance services to patients in English, French, Arabic, Italian, Russian and German. We offer accompaniment services whose main goal is to ease communication between patients and ophthalmologists, thus making the patients’ stay at our center more comfortable, helping them feel at home and eliminating any language barrier.

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