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Cancer treatment in Russia. Hospitals in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities

The growth of cancer patients is a global problem. In Russia, approximately 600 thousand a year develop cancer and 300 thousand die a year a cancer. The problem is that the disease is detected in the later stages, and now in Russia there is enough modern equipment that will allow diagnosing oncology in the early stages. In Russian oncology centers, very strong surgery is also carried out radiation and chemotherapy, targeted and immunotherapy.

A proton therapy center has been opened and is successfully operating in St. Petersburg, and the innovative HIPEC treatment is already being used at the Federal State Budget Scientific Research Center for Radiology, a therapy in which chemotherapy is sprayed using high pressure. It is very effective for metastases in the abdominal cavity. At the Botkin Hospital, they successfully perform operations on the Da Vinci robot.

State Medical Centers

Private clinics

Our specialists are ready to advise on treatment at these clinics for free and help to make an effective and safe choice of treatment.

Also Unique testing of oncological patients has become available in Russia to select the most effective individual treatment.

Cost of treatment

The cost of complex treatment of oncology in Moscow is from 500,000 rubles, in regions lower. But each case is individual and the program is drawn up only after medical examinations by doctors.

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