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Medical Clinical Center Grand Medica, Novokuznetsk

Medical Clinical Center Grand Medica, Novokuznetsk, Russia

The multidisciplinary medical center Grand Medica is located in Novokuznetsk in Russia and provides a full cycle of medical care - from consultations to high-tech operations and patient rehabilitation. The main focus of the clinic's medical activities is surgery and high technology.

The high declared status obliges to provide the highest quality of client service aimed at the most comfortable stay of the patient in the clinic.

The involvement of the best restaurateurs allowed us to organize meals for patients with the possibility of pre-ordering meals. In addition, a cozy cafe is organized for all visitors and staff of the clinic.

In general, all these conditions make it possible to attract patients to the clinic not only from Siberia, but also from other regions of Russia and abroad.

The best specialists of Kuzbass and neighboring regions are involved in the work in the clinic. The medical center employs more than 20 doctors and candidates of medical sciences.

All engineering communications are controlled from a computer - the so-called “smart hospital” system. Operating theaters use laminar airflow, which provides an unprecedented level of safety and completely eliminates contamination inside the hospital.

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