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European Clinic in Moscow

European Clinic in Moscow

European Clinic is located in Moscow and is a private specialized oncological center that provide a full range of cancer diagnostics and treatment according to modern world standards.

The specialists of the European clinic have vast experience in the treatment of malignant tumors, including those in advanced stages, and they help more than 5500 primary patients every year, a quarter of whom visit the European clinic on the recommendation of friends.

The clinic in Moscow includes an outpatient department and a full-fledged oncological hospital with departments for chemotherapy, palliative and symptomatic therapy, surgery, an intensive care unit and intensive care unit. The European clinic in Moscow works around the clock and seven days a week. The patient can get advice from Russian doctors and foreign specialists.

If necessary, transportation of a patient in grave condition is provided by an ambulance car, a meeting by an ambulance team at the station or at the airport. From the moment of admission, each patient is assigned a personal curator who accompanies him throughout his stay in the clinic.

In a number of areas, the European Clinic cooperates with the world's leading cancer centers in Europe, the United States and Israel and takes part in clinical trials of new drugs of the largest pharmaceutical companies. The clinic's oncologists work in accordance with the standards and recommendations of the European Medical Society of Oncology, the American Society of Oncology and the National Network of Multidisciplinary Oncological Institutions in the United States.

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