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Clinic NACPP

Clinic NACPP, Moscow

NACPP Medical Clinic is a modern multidisciplinary medical complex that offers its patients a full range of services in the field of diagnosis and treatment of diseases, prevention, and rehabilitation for adults and children.

The clinic provides services in the field of oncology, surgery, cardiology, neurology, orthopedics, gynecology, urology and many others.

Special attention should be paid to the Oncological Department, where highly professional doctors work, who use in their practice the latest world developments in the field of cancer treatment, which allows you to effectively fight tumor diseases and achieve stable remission.

Oncology department of clinic NACPP

NACPP is an oncological center under the "National Agency of Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacy" and the capabilities of the Oncological Department of the NAKFF clinic allow:

  • Laparotomy operations
  • Laparoscopic operations
  • Chemotherapy
  • Immunotherapy
  • High-dose chemotherapy
  • Provide palliative care

Among the oncologists of the clinic there are gynecological oncologists, urologists, oncodermatologists, doctors who work with gastrointestinal malignancies, as well as soft tissue malignancies.

First of all, when contacting the clinic, doctors carry out a full range of diagnostic measures in order to make an accurate diagnosis. Using modern equipment and many years of experience, the specialists of the NAKFF clinic can make a diagnosis on the day of treatment. Such efficiency has a beneficial effect on the duration of hospitalization, and as a result, on the success of treatment!

Benefits of oncological treatment at NACPP

  • you can quickly get to an oncologist's appointment - waiting times are important, since some aggressive tumors progress quickly;
  • quick examination - in 1-2 days, no queues, no nerves, no pain;
  • accurate diagnostics - the clinic has the latest equipment at its disposal;
  • chemotherapy according to international protocols;
  • availability of the latest methods of cancer treatment;
  • interaction of oncologists with doctors of other specializations;
  • comfortable conditions in the clinic.


The clinic is equipped with a comfortable hospital with round-the-clock monitoring of the patient's condition, which makes it possible to promptly provide medical assistance to all who apply. In the hospital of the NACPP clinic, planned surgical treatment is carried out in the following directions:

  • Surgery
  • Traumatology
  • Plastic surgery

Preference is given to minimally invasive operations, high-tech interventions are performed.
For over 10 years, the NACPP clinic has enjoyed an impeccable reputation among its patients who value a high level of service, an individual approach, as well as the friendliness, sensitivity of the staff and comfortable conditions.

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