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Yusupov Hospital, Moscow

Yusupov Hospital, Moscow

Yusupov Hospital is a multidisciplinary medical institution that was opened in 2014. The clinic is located in a historic place, where at the beginning of the 19th century there was a hospital opened by a prominent Russian statesman, benefactor and philanthropist Boris Nikolayevich Yusupov.

Reception is conducted in more than 25 areas, including: cardiac surgery, proctology, neurology, gynecology, general surgery, oncology. More than 20 hospital specialists - doctors and candidates of medical sciences, doctors of the highest category.

Among the diagnostic methods: FGDS, colonoscopy, MRI, MSCT, PET-CT, X-ray. Also, the following services are provided at the Yusupov Hospital: chemotherapy, laboratory diagnostics, somnological examinations, removal of neoplasms.

Operations are performed: coronary angiography, EVLK and sclerotherapy of veins, endovascular interventions, removal of fistulas of the anorectal region.

The hospital has 6 clinics: neurology, oncology, therapy, rehabilitation, addiction treatment and surgery. In addition, the structure includes a polyclinic department, a hospital, a resuscitation and intensive care unit, a diagnostic center, one angiographic and four surgical operating rooms.

Features of treatment

  • full cycle of medical services: prevention, outpatient and polyclinic services, diagnostics, inpatient treatment and rehabilitation;
  • a full range of medicines registered in the Russian Federation (any chemotherapy drugs, antibiotics, etc.), cooperation with the best research institutes in the field of complex and rare analyzes, blood transfusion and the use of narcotic potent substances;
  • constantly updated medical equipment from well-known manufacturers in Japan, Germany, Italy, etc .;
  • diagnostic procedures of any complexity (from basic laboratory and radiological diagnostics to PET, enzyme immunoassay, pharmacogenetic analyzes, tumor genetic analyzes, etc.)

The main activities of the Yusupov hospital

- Treatment of the full spectrum of neurological pathology. The clinic employs leading Russian doctors, including neurologists, focused on the treatment of diseases such as Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis, dementia of any kind, strokes, the consequences of TBI, chronic pain, epilepsy, myasthenia gravis, etc. For each patient Clinic specialists develop the necessary therapeutic complex, usually including drug support and non-drug procedures - physiotherapy, acupuncture, massage, physiotherapy exercises, or minimally invasive methods of treatment.

- Comprehensive rehabilitation of patients with diseases and conditions such as: trauma of the brain and spinal cord, musculoskeletal system, peripheral nerves, strokes of various types, multiple sclerosis and other demyelinating diseases, diseases of the spine, including herniated discs, and contractures, rehabilitation after surgical interventions (orthopedic, oncological, on the lungs and organs of the chest, etc.), rehabilitation after heart attacks, with chronic heart failure, rehabilitation after chemotherapy, etc. The clinic has all the conditions for the most effective rehabilitation of patients: high-quality equipment of the European level , professional rehabilitation therapists who know the latest massage techniques and exercise therapy, the daily work of a team of specialists to restore the social skills and functions of patients (occupational therapists, speech therapists, neurodefectologists, neuropsychologists).

- Help for cancer patients: diagnostics and treatment - from inpatient and outpatient chemotherapy to complex pain relief and symptomatic therapy of critically ill patients.

- Medical care and treatment of patients in serious condition and their recovery in the conditions of the intensive care unit. The department is equipped with the most modern medical equipment in accordance with the current European and Russian standards.

Yusupov hospital works seven days a week. Ambulance, hospitalization and hospital services are provided around the clock.

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