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Ilyinsky hospital, Krasnogorsk, Moscow region

Ilyinsky hospital, Krasnogorsk, Moscow region

Ilyinsky hospital in Krasnogorsk (Moscow region) is a modern multidisciplinary outpatient hospital center. Among the medical areas represented in the Hospital: oncology, traumatology, spinal surgery, gynecology, urology, pediatrics, etc. Doctors develop personal examination programs (check-up), there is a rehabilitation department, doctors provide emergency and planned assistance to adults and children around the clock, including the most difficult surgical interventions.

For patients from other cities or those who find it difficult to travel, the Hospital invites you to get the opinion of leading experts in their fields and opinion leaders remotely, using any convenient means of communication.

Treatment is carried out according to international protocols, drugs and consumables from leading world manufacturers are used. All doctors in their work are based on the principles of evidence-based medicine.

Interdisciplinary teams of doctors work effectively, which allows patients to receive high-quality and prompt medical care for oncology, diabetic foot syndrome, pelvic pain and other diseases requiring the consultation of specialists of various profiles. For each case of oncological disease, doctors conduct oncological councils (Tumor boards), in which oncologists, surgeons, radiation diagnosticians, morphologists and other specialists participate.

The Ilyinsky hospital carries out the largest number of robotic surgeries in Russia among private clinics.

The hospital has a high level of service, doctors and most of the administrative staff speak English.

Treatment at the Ilyinsky hospital is an alternative to treatment abroad. At the same time, the cost of treatment is 2 times lower than treatment in Europe and 3 times lower than in the United States with comparable quality.

We recommend the Hospital for patients with increased requirements for the level of medical treatment and service, foreign patients, elderly patients, in difficult clinical cases.

Patients on the territory of the clinic are safe, the mode is COVID-free.

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