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Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, South Korea

Seoul National University Bundang Hospital is South Korea’s leading healthcare facility. It is within its walls that the best medical personnel of Korea are trained on which Korean medicine is based not only today, but will also be based in the future.

Seoul National University Bundang Hospital was opened in 2003 in May as the first branch of the Hospital of Seoul National University and inherited the best centuries-old traditions and medical art and opened a new chapter in the history of medicine of the Republic of South Korea, introducing a world-leading digital system of organization and providing a healing process.

Bundang Hospital is a 100% digital hospital without paper records, graphs and maps, films and pictures, using IT technology to improve the quality of medical care.

Particularly strong areas of treatment in the hospital are oncology, cerebrovascular diseases, cardiovascular diseases, infertility treatment, orthopedics, as well as treatment of difficult to cure diseases.

Many dental procedures, oral and maxillofacial surgeries, and operations for the treatment of obesity (bariatric surgery) are also performed.

Bundang Hospital Centers

The hospital practices close interdisciplinary cooperation of 9 specialized centers and personalized medical care is offered for each patient.

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