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Bundang Hospital Joint Treatment Center, Seoul, South Korea

Bundang Hospital Joint Treatment Center, based on a comprehensive disease of bones, joints, nerves and muscles, has various specialized units that provide personalized medical care for patients, taking into account the individual characteristics of each.

  • The country's best three-dimensional motion analysis of cerebral palsy patients
  • Top Specialists in Osteotomy for Joint Preservation
  • The largest number of scientific articles in American scientific societies and associations, the best research and clinical potential in the world

Comprehensive medical research carried out by medical specialists and the results of treatment of the hip, knee, shoulder joints, cerebral palsy, bone tumors, arm areas and micro-reconstructive surgery received a high scientific assessment and recognition both in the country and abroad.

The Center’s medical staff makes great efforts to ensure that all patients suffering from joint diseases can receive decent world-class medical care in a pleasant and comfortable environment.

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