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Bundang Hospital Diagnostics Center, Seoul, South Korea

At Bundang Hospital Diagnostics Center, Seoul National University of South Korea, each patient is examined individually. The examination system is based on the detection of diseases at an early stage and their prevention. The optimal program for maintaining and improving health is being implemented.

  • personalized customer survey system
  • effective health monitoring through routine examinations and diagnostics
  • accumulation of patient information and high-level care

All patients who apply to the Hospital can receive advice and personal recommendations from a consultant to select the necessary examinations. A high level of medical care is offered taking into account the personal information of the patient: gender, age, medical history, etc.

Along with the increase in life expectancy, the incidence of oncological, cardiovascular diseases, and cerebrovascular diseases increases. After passing the diagnosis, based on scientific knowledge and many years of experience, experts accurately assess the health status of each patient, actively help their clients lead a healthy and happy lifestyle.

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