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Bundang Hospital Spine Treatment Center, Seoul, South Korea

Bundang spinal treatment center offers a personalized approach to treating patients, taking into account the characteristics of each. For this, 5 treatment teams have been prepared at Bundan Hospital, including specialists from the departments of: spinal surgery, the department for relief of pain in the spine, the department of neurology, the department of interventional methods of treating pain in the spine, and the rehabilitation department.

  • For the first time in Korea, the introduction of a surgical robot for spinal surgery
  • The most advanced operations on the cervical spine using a simulation technique
  • Non-surgical treatment of spinal pain

Inside the Center, there are various qualified clinics related to the treatment of discs, spinal stenosis, spinal fractures, pain in the spine, spinal cord injuries, vascular pathologies, etc. A high level of medical care is being dismantled.

Here, professional specialists possess unique equipment and skills in the field of advanced advanced operations on the cervical spine.

Given the peculiarity of spinal diseases - the presence of severe pain - the Center's specialists conduct treatment with various non-surgical methods.

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