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Bundang Hospital Pulmonology Center, Seoul, South Korea

Bundang Hospital Pulmonology Center is the country's first specialized center for the professional and effective treatment of pulmonary diseases.

  • The first successful endoscopic operation for esophageal cancer in Korea
  • The best indicator in the world - 88% - 5-year survival after surgery for stage 1 lung cancer
  • The world's first detection of degenerative protein in lung cancer

All departments related to the treatment of various pulmonary diseases, lung cancer, and allergic diseases treat patients on an outpatient basis in one place, providing convenience for all patients who seek medical help, increasing the effectiveness of joint interdisciplinary treatment.

In addition, the introduction in each sphere of the most modern methods of treatment and diagnosis (whether it is diagnostics or examination, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and other medical fields of activity) and close cooperation with specialists from different departments demonstrate the high level of professionalism of doctors and high-level technology.

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