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Plastic surgery in Switzerland

The advantage of aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery in Switzerland lies in the narrow specialization of doctors, the highest level of diagnosis and the modern equipment of medical rooms, the creation of excellent conditions for treatment and postoperative rehabilitation.

Thanks to modern equipment, innovative medical technologies and the skill of doctors in Swiss clinics, plastic surgery is being manipulated of any complexity.

Any operations of plastic surgery are modeled using special computer programs in 3D format, which allows the patient to assess in advance the planned changes in their own appearance, and surgeons to achieve the best result.

Plastic Surgery Clinics in Switzerland

Laclinic Montreux

At Laclinic Montreux Clinic in Switzerland, the perfection of a medical act is equated with an artistic gesture, but surgery is resorted to only as a last resort. Here, preference is given to conservative methods of treatment, in particular, to the latest innovations in the field of aesthetic medicine: lasers, injections, preparations for smoothing (filling), peeling, etc.

One cannot but mention that such stars of world plastic surgery as Dr. Serge Le Huu many others work in Laclinic. The well-known Dr. Michel Pfulg leads this team of professionals.

Laclinic Montreux

Clinic Lemanic

Clinic Lemanic is widely known in the professional field due to its unique technical base, an analogue of which is not found in any other European private clinic today. All specialists of the clinic underwent special training to work with high-tech equipment (laser, ultrasound, radio wave installations, cryotherapy devices, etc.), have extensive experience, and this is a guarantee of excellent results.

The fundamental difference between the Lemanic clinic and other clinics of aesthetic medicine is the approach to solving aesthetic and anti-aging problems: other clinics traditionally practice more surgical methods and use several medical devices for minimally invasive treatment methods; Lemanik clinic, on the contrary, resorts to the scalpel only in extreme cases, since the “collection” of medical equipment allows specialists to achieve excellent results often without surgery.

Lemanic Clinic, Lausanne

Clinic Entourage

According to surveys by Google, Facebook, and Estheticon, Entourage was named the best clinic in the French part of Switzerland. The team of doctors included the best specialists of the country with an impeccable reputation, owning the most advanced techniques.

The clinic is located in the heart of Lausanne (Switzerland), a stone's throw from the main station and half an hour from Geneva Airport. Among the patients of the clinic are European film and television stars.

Entourage Clinic, Lausanne

Clinique La Prairie

The unique clinic-boutique, in which the most famous specialists work, offers the most demanding customers a variety of programs of rejuvenation, rehabilitation, diagnosis and detox.

La Prairie is a very popular clinic among VIP patients from around the world.

Clinique La Prairie, Montreux

Prices for Plastic Surgery procedures in Swiss clinics

  • Blepharoplasty from 7,000 fr
  • Rhinoplasty from 15,000 fr
  • Lifting from 18,000 fr
  • Hair plasma therapy from 800 fr

Other prices are on request.

The final cost of the surgery is provided after the doctors review the patient’s photos.

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