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Michel Pfulg, plastic sergeon, Switzerland

The founder and leading specialist of Lyaklinik, Dr. Michel Pfulg, began his career as a plastic surgeon a long time ago. For many years, Dr. Pfulg headed the plastic surgery department of many well-known Swiss clinics.

“The harmony of the face or body combines not only technical skills and a medical approach, but also an artistic gesture.” The beliefs of Dr. Pfulg became the key to his impeccable reputation. His natural sense of beauty and passion for surgery allowed him to take pride of place among recognized specialists in this field.

Since 2007 Dr. Pfulg is one of the ten best plastic surgeons in the world. His teaching activities allowed him to position Lyaklinik Montreux as an educational institution recognized by the Dutch Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (DAFPRS), the purpose of which is to maintain high standards in the theory and practice of facial aesthetic surgery. Specialists from all over the world come to Lyaklinik for an internship.

The author of numerous scientific publications, Dr. Pfulg is an international representative and member of the American Association of Aesthetic Surgery. Moreover, Dr. Pfulg is a member of the scientific committee of Helena Rubinstein (L’Oréal), actively participating in the development of the range of cosmetics “HR Re-Plasty”, which today deserve worldwide recognition in the field of medicine and aesthetic surgery.

- Member of the Swiss Medical Association;

- Member of the Swiss Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery;

- Member of the Swiss Association of Aesthetic Medicine (in 2004 was its president);

- Member of the International Community of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the International Confederation of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery;

- One of the founders of the Swiss Association of Aesthetic Surgery.

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