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Laclinic Montreux, Switzerland

At the Laclinic Montreux Clinic in Switzerland, the perfection of a medical act is tantamount to an artistic gesture, but surgery is resorted to only as a last resort. Here, preference is given to conservative methods of treatment, in particular, to the latest innovations in the field of aesthetic medicine: lasers, injections, preparations for smoothing (filling), peeling, etc.

We cannot but mention that such stars of world plastic surgery as Dr. Serge Le Huu and many others work in Laclinic. The well-known Dr. Michel Pfulg leads this team of professionals.

Aesthetic medicine

Aesthetic medicine at the Laclinic Clinic allows you to intervene in the aging process in the early stages, already starting at the age of 30, when their first signs appear.

Aesthetic medicine methods help get rid of age spots, rosacea, small dilated vessels, as well as smooth wrinkles with the help of special filling preparations and drugs that directly affect facial muscles.

The technique, as well as the choice of tools and preparations depend on the shape, depth and localization of wrinkles. For best results, several methods can be used simultaneously. Correction of wrinkles by injection filling preparations, botulinum toxin or vitamin shakes; peelings; microdermabrasion; removal of rosacea and age spots; rejuvenation of the lips, décolleté, hands; Permanent hair removal today is replaced by some surgical interventions, or combined with surgery in order to restore youth to your skin.

The first consultation with a specialist in the field of aesthetic medicine is necessary to determine your expectations, explore various possibilities and develop treatment tactics depending on your individual situation.

Aesthetic surgery

By intervening in the early stages of the first signs of aging, aesthetic medicine allows you to delay the moment of surgical intervention. But in some cases, to obtain the optimal result, the use of a scalpel is inevitable. Fortunately, most aesthetic surgeries require a short stay in the clinic and most of them can be performed on an outpatient basis. But, of course, you can also be in Lyaklinik just to enjoy the care offered here and caring for you.

You must also know that, unlike conservative methods of aesthetic medicine, surgical interventions in the Lyaklinik clinic require anesthesia. Currently, progress in this area has reached such a level that allows most aesthetic operations to be performed under partial anesthesia or under local anesthesia in combination with the controlled use of sedatives. This method promotes quick wake up after surgery without nausea, vomiting, and other serious side effects.

Aesthetic and reconstructive dentistry

An internationally renowned team of experienced Laclinic Montreaux Clinics will offer you a complete range of dental services, right down to the most advanced treatments.

The concepts of modern types of treatment, based on the latest scientific achievements, make it possible to achieve a state of full oral health. In Laclinic, in accordance with the rules and principles of the “synoptic school”, there is a comprehensive and global approach to the functional and aesthetic health of the oral cavity.

Beauty Institute Laclinic Montreaux

The Laclinic Montreux Beauty Institute offers various face and body treatments using the HELENA RUBINSTEIN and CARITA cosmetics brands.

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