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Entourage Clinic, Lausanne, Switzerland

Aesthetic medicine is designed to restore the balance between self-awareness and appearance, while maintaining the naturalness and overall dynamics of the face, without depriving it of its natural expressiveness. Modern aesthetic medicine is able to push back or even replace surgical intervention. The Entourage Clinic presents all currently available technologies for face and body correction.

According to surveys by Google, Facebook, and Estheticon, Entourage was named the best clinic in the French part of Switzerland. The team of doctors included the best specialists of the country with an impeccable reputation, owning the most advanced techniques.

The clinic is located in the heart of Lausanne (Switzerland), a stone's throw from the main station and half an hour from Geneva Airport. Among the patients of the clinic are European film and television stars.

Unique aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery techniques at the Entourage clinic
The Entourage Clinic presents the latest technologies in aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery: lasers will help get rid of rosacea, age spots, stretch marks, varicose veins and improve skin condition; ablative and fractional lasers smooth wrinkles; hardware lifting Alterapy helps to tighten the oval of the face, raise eyebrows, smooth the skin on the neck or décolleté (Alterapy uses ultrasound to lift deep tissues).

Soft lift

One of the know-how of the Entourage clinic is the SOFTLIFT proprietary technique of Dr. Marco Cherrano. Without the use of a scalpel, Dr. Cherrano is able to restore the harmony of facial features, add a fresh look and, literally, rejuvenate without a scalpel.


For more than 50 years in medicine, transplantation of adipose tissues has been used to replenish lost volumes. And, it would seem, there is nothing more to expect from the "fat". But no! A few years ago, a revolutionary discovery was made - adipose tissue contains stem cells. After research, it became clear that fat can be used not only as a filler, but also for the natural regeneration of the skin.

The Entourage Clinic went further and, in order to achieve the maximum effect, the clinic specialists prepare a unique elixir from the patient’s own material and then inject them into the dermis using microinjections.

So, the process begins with the intake of adipose tissue using cannulas, then the extracted fat is emulsified, that is, it is subjected to repeated “distillation” from one syringe to another. The resulting liquid mass is filtered and converted into a stem cell concentrate. At the same time, the doctor receives platelet-rich plasma from the patient’s blood and mixes these two concentrates into one cocktail. So plasma activates stem cells and transforms them into fibroplasts. Next, with the help of microinjections, this cocktail is introduced under the skin of the patient. The whole procedure takes only two hours.

Nanolipofilling can be an ideal solution for dark circles under the eyes, facial rejuvenation and correction of stretch marks.


A special place in the clinic is occupied by Chronodiet by Patrick Leconte. This technique allows you to find a harmonious silhouette and feel full of energy. We can talk about weight loss or weight gain. Patrick Leconte studied with Jean-Robert Rapan, the creator of Chrono-Nutrition. The main idea is to achieve excellent results without exhausting diets, just eating according to an individual biological rhythm. As soon as nutrition begins to focus on rhythm, food intake becomes optimal for the functioning of the body as a whole. In addition, this allows you to control the metabolism of cholesterol and even insulin-dependent diabetes.

Price: CHF 4’000.

Revitalization and Detox Entourage Program

Day 1: Cleansing (blood and urine tests, medical advice, detoxifying the body from excess calcium and preventing cardiovascular disease, oxygen therapy, skin diagnostics Skinscope)

Day 2: Revitalization (medical consultation, test results, detoxification of the body from radioactive and toxic metals, revitalization with a complex of oligoelements and vitamins (depending on the needs of the body), oxygen therapy, plasmolifting Cellular Matrix)

Day 3: Revitalization (at the request of the patient) (medical consultation, detoxification of the lungs, revitalization with a complex of oligoelements and vitamins (depending on the needs of the body), oxygen therapy, global skin hydration with hyaluronic acid)

The cost of the program for 2 days: CHF 15’000.
The cost of the program for 3 days: CHF 17’000.

Own stem cell injections

Stem cell collection, skin stimulation and storage for 10 years. Price: CHF 15’000.

Analysis for a genetic predisposition to cancer
Price: CHF 7’000.

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