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Clinique La Prairie, Montreux, Switzerland

La Prairie Clinic was founded in 1931 as a medical and health center that combines innovative cell therapy and an integrated approach to health.

The unique clinic-boutique, in which the most famous specialists work, offers the most demanding clients a variety of programs of rejuvenation, rehabilitation, diagnosis and detox.

La Prairie is a very popular clinic among VIP patients from all over the world.

Medical programs at La Prairie Clinic

Center for Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine, La Prairie Clinic

1) Dermatology and aesthetic medicine

Acne treatment (medical treatment, peels), treatment of nail and hair diseases, treatment of pigmentation disorders (age spots, melasma, vitiligo), treatment of scars Diagnosis of skin conditions (skin cancer, detection and treatment), general dermatology

2) Thermage (exposure to radio frequency on the skin of the face, neck and body)

3) Laser procedures

Treatment of rosacea and telangiectasias, treatment of freckles and pigmentation disorders, treatment of moles and benign skin tumors with a CO2 laser, laser hair removal.

4) Injection

Treating wrinkles with injections of toxin, botulinum, treating the tendency to excessive sweating (palms, feet, armpits) with injections of toxin, botulinum, smoothing wrinkles and gently lifting with hyaluronic acid injections.

5) Medical peels

6) Mesotherapy (prevention of skin aging) of the face and body

7) Cosmetic tattoos (eyebrows, lips)

8) Surgical silhouette correction

Liposuction: “liposculpture” and Slimlipo - laser suction of fat, mammoplasty (tightening, increasing or decreasing breast size), tummy tuck, remodeling of the hips, arms and buttocks (dermolipectomy), breast reconstruction after cancer.

9) Surgical face correction

Lipostructure of the face (remodeling of forms), skin tightening of the face and neck, nose plastic using computer technology, aesthetic surgery of the lips, chin, ears, cheekbones and neck, blepharoplasty (surgical correction of the eyelids)

Other medical services at La Prairie Clinic

- Angiology (consultations, dopplerography of arteries and veins, treatment of varicose veins and telangiectasias)

- Cardiology (consultations, preventive examination, electrocardiogram, ergometry (load test), echocardiography, holter (24-hour ECG recording), 24-hour blood pressure recording, magnetic resonance of the heart at rest and with exercise)

- Center for Gynecology and Menopause Treatment (gynecological and hormonal diagnostics, diagnostics in the field of reproductive medicine, transvaginal ultrasonography, mammography, hysteroscopy, consultations on various issues, gynecological surgery, senology and breast surgery)

- General surgery (general surgery, abdominal endoscopy, surgical treatment of varicose veins)

- Additional medical services (acupuncture, reflexology, lymphatic drainage)

- Consultations on issues of overweight and eating disorders (consultation with a specialist doctor, calorimetry, measurement of body composition by bioimpedance (Tanita®), measurement of basic metabolism by calorimetry)

- Endocrinology and diabetology (consultations on general endocrinology (thyroid gland, parathyroid glands, pituitary gland, adrenal glands, sex glands, neuroendocrine tumors), consultations on diabetology, general examination)

- Predictive medicine (consultations, genetic profile determination)

- Laboratory tests (blood, urine and feces, specific, microbiological and immunological tests)

- Psychiatry and psychotherapy (diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders (depression, burnout, anxiety, addiction, sleep disturbances, etc.), hypnotherapy, short-term therapy, personal development)

- Neurology (consultations with neurological examination, consultations on memory impairment and neurofunctional assessment, extracranial and transcranial vascular dopplerography and duplex scanning of the carotid artery, sleep medicine and ambulatory monitoring of night sleep, luminotherapy, 24-hour ambulatory electroencephalogram: sleep disturbances, epilepsy)

- Otolaryngology (video endoscopic examinations of the nasal cavity, pharynx and larynx, nose, sinus: surgical interventions using a computer, dizziness: research and therapeutic techniques, deafness: research, selection of devices, surgery, dizziness, snoring: research and surgery)

- Orthopedic surgery (consultations, prosthetic surgery of the hip joints (minimally invasive technique), prosthetic surgery of the knee joints (individual solid cast cups), surgery of the feet (hallux valgus deformity of the toe, other deformities), arthroscopy of all joints, ligament plastic, spinal disc surgery (hernia , spinal fusion))

- Physiotherapy (post-operative rehabilitation, manual therapy, therapeutic massage, electrical stimulation, neurodynamics (mobilization), monitoring the progress of treatment, restoration of musculoskeletal balance, stretching, stretching of the muscle chains, therapeutic pool with a temperature of 32 ° C, functional and rehabilitation hydrotherapy )

- Pneumology (functional study of the lungs, blood gas tests, isolated nitric oxide, provocative tests with mannitol and methacholine, testing of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems under load, sleep research with respiratory printing to detect apnea attacks, adaptation of treatment for positive pressure (CPAP), night oximetry, bronchoscopy, allergic tests, smoking cessation)

- Center for medical imaging (video diagnostics (computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging), traditional x-ray diagnostics, digital mammography, osteodensitometry, ultrasonography and echography / doppleroechography, invasive radiology, digital radiology, digital orthopantomogram, digital data archiving)

- Rheumatology (consultations, diagnostics and treatment of lesions of the osteoarticular system: arthrosis, back pain, pain in muscles, tendons and ligaments, support of inflammatory and autoimmune rheumatoid diseases: rheumatoid polyarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, targeted biological therapy, infiltration, rehabilitation after orthopedics , treatment of complex local lesions: algoneurodystrophy, day hospital, antalgic infiltration, osteoporosis)

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