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Lemanic Clinic, Lausanne, Switzerland

Opened in 1998 in Lausanne (Switzerland), the Lemanic Clinic went a long way before becoming an expert center in the field of aesthetic, preventive, regenerative and “anti-aging” medicine. Today, Lemanic Clinic has a reputation as a leader in its industry both nationally and internationally, and is nevertheless constantly looking for avant-garde medical solutions to offer its patients a whole palette of exclusive and innovative procedures.

Clinic Lemanic is widely known in the professional field due to its unique technical base, the analogue of which is not found in any other European private clinic today. All specialists of the clinic underwent special training to work with high-tech equipment (laser, ultrasound, radio wave installations, cryotherapy devices, etc.), have extensive experience, and this is a guarantee of excellent results.

The fundamental difference between the Lemanic clinic and other clinics of aesthetic medicine is the approach to solving aesthetic and anti-aging problems: other clinics traditionally practice more surgical methods and use several medical devices for minimally invasive treatment methods; Lemanik clinic, on the contrary, resorts to the scalpel only in extreme cases, since the “collection” of medical equipment allows specialists to achieve excellent results often without surgery.

Unique non-surgical methods of plastic surgery in Lemanic

Clinic Departments

- Clinical and aesthetic dermatology and dermatological surgery

- Aesthetic and “anti-aging” medicine

- Plastic and reconstructive surgery

- Preventive and regenerative medicine

Expert Centers

- Expert Center of Trichology

- Expert Center for Aesthetic Dentistry

- Expert center for luminotherapy, laser therapy and high-tech equipment (EBD)

- Expert center vitiligo

- Expert Center for Aesthetic Phlebology

All the treatment programs offered by the clinic are compiled in accordance with scientific standards and the latest achievements in the field of medicine, meet the highest ethical standards and meet the highest safety requirements, which guarantees the provision of the highest level of medical services to patients. Many years of experience and the application of the latest achievements of scientific progress using the most modern equipment existing on the medical equipment market today, allow the clinic to develop highly personalized treatment programs that meet the requirements of each patient.

The experience of the Lemanic Clinic in the field of innovation and high-class results have been appreciated by the professional community. The clinic was awarded the Crystal Cup "The Best European Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine" in Moscow and the IIPP Special Prize "For the Development of Technologies in Medicine and Aesthetics" at UNESCO, Paris.

Lemanic Clinic is an outpatient clinic, like most Swiss clinics, and offers its patients accommodation at the Royal Savoy Lausanne 5 * hotel, located a ten-minute walk from the clinic. The historical building of the hotel built in 1909 was completely renovated, the architectural ensemble was complemented by a modern building. This historic hotel is located in the center of Lausanne, in the Ears quarter, and is a true “safe haven” in the center of a vibrant city that offers its guests a comfortable stay in interiors combining tradition and modernity.

The hotel offers its guests 196 rooms and suites, a restaurant specializing in cuisine from the "star" chef, Lounge bar, as well as the spectacular Sky Lounge - a roof terrace with 360 ° panoramic views of the city, Lake Geneva and the Alps. The wellness center of the hotel includes a spa with an area of ​​1,500 sq.m .; indoor and outdoor pools; fitness center open 24 hours a day; cosmetic procedures.

For the entire stay in the clinic, our patients are provided with medical translation and individual accompaniment in English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Russian.

Clinic patients are also offered limousine service with a personal driver.

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