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Bariatric surgery in South Korea

Bariatric surgery in South Korea is a weight loss surgery performed for patients with a body mass index of at least 40. 

Before surgery, endocrinological and nutritional consultations of the doctor are mandatory to ensure the success of the treatment. And also postoperative observation is necessarily carried out, which depends on the type of operation.

Types of Bariatric Surgery

Gastric banding

This is a lapaproscopic operation in which an inflatable silicone device is installed around the upper part of the stomach. This helps to reduce the amount of food consumed. This operation is reversible, since it is not associated with the removal of any organs.

Sleeve gastroplasty

This is a surgical procedure that can also be performed minimally invasively. The procedure reduces the size of the stomach to about 10% of its original volume and leads to a limited ability to eat. Patients feel full even after eating a very small amount of food. This operation permanently reduces the size of the stomach and is irreversible.

Gastric bypass

With this laparoscopic operation, the stomach is divided into two parts: a small upper and a much larger lower one, and then the small intestine is rebuilt to connect with both. This operation leads to a marked decrease in the functional volume of the stomach.

Biliopancreatic bypass

Biliopancreatic shunting is a surgery on the stomach, which is a combined method of surgical intervention, with the help of which a decrease in the volume of the stomach is carried out with the subsequent reconstruction of the small intestine.

Benefits of Bariatric Surgery

  • Laparoscopic bariatric surgery practically does not require rehabilitation and a long stay in the hospital
  • Significant Weight Loss Achieved
  • The cardiovascular system improves
  • Remission is achieved with sleep apnea problems



Gastric resection by Robot da Vinci - $ 20,000
Gastric ballooning - $ 10,000

Other prices on request.

Final cost will announce after review of medical reports of patient by hospital doctors.

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