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Discounts and promotions from South Korean clinics during a pandemic

Our company, together with partner clinics from South Korea, has developed special promotions for our clients. The promotion includes discounts and other preferences for patients who seek medical services from our company during a pandemic.

Discounts and promotions from View Plastic Surgery Clinic

From May 1 to May 31, the clinic provides discounts on plastic surgery - 20% - 40%. The discount is valid only for those who make a 10% deposit of the transaction cost to the Clinic account (the Client can carry out the operation at any time during the year from the date of deposit).

List of procedures:

  • SMAS face and neck lift + Platysmaplasty (neck lift) + ACCU liposuction (1 area) Original value 21,000,000 KRW → 16,000,000 KRW -20%
  • Upper Blepharoplasty or Eyebrow Lift + Lower Blepharoplasty with Fat Redistribution 5,000,000 KRW → 4,000,000 KRW - 20%
  • Breast enlargement implants Motiva 15,000,000 KRW → 12,000,000 KRW - 20%
  • Abdominoplasty + Total liposuction (Abdomen + Lateral) 2,550,000 KRW → 15,000,000 KRW - 40%

Add. free services:

If the transaction cost is more than 4,000,000KRW:

  • Roundtrip transfer (Airport <→ Clinic)
  • Physiotherapy to eliminate edema

If the transaction cost is more than 10,000,000KRW:

  • Roundtrip transfer (Airport <→ Clinic)
  • “VIP room for 3 days + free breakfast” or “3 days 50% support for the hotel”
  • Physiotherapy to eliminate edema
  • Botox in one area or whitening injection

It is also possible for all applicants to conduct a free online consultation.

View Plastic Surgery Clinic

Discounts for treatment from SAM Hospital

SAM Hospital provides a 10% discount on operations and radiation therapy for all who book treatment during the period of pademia. Also, for all applicants will be provided with a free online consultation.

SAM Hospital

Discounts on diagnostics and cover of a patient’s flight from St. Mary’s Hospital

All patients who have booked a diagnosis during a pandemic at St. Mary’s Hospital will receive a 20% discount on diagnostic procedures.

And everyone who booked operations and other high-tech treatment at the Hospital at this time will be fully reimbursed for the cost of the ticket.

It is also possible to organize a free online consultation.

Incheon St. Mary's Hospital, South Korea

Promotion from orthopedic hospital Sarang Plus

Each patient who prepays during a pandemic to receive treatment in the clinic after opening the borders will be provided with free online consultation on diseases of the spine and joints, as well as free diagnostics upon arrival at the clinic.

Sarang Plus Hospital

50% discount, free online consultations and payment for flights, hotels and excursions from the orthopedic hospital Himchan

Validity of the action: from April 1 to June 30

Free online consultation

Consultation is carried out on pictures of the patient himself.

Date of the video consultation: every week Monday - an orthopedist, Tuesday - a neurosurgeon. The consultation time is from 13:00 Korean time. About 10-15 minutes are allocated per patient. During this time, the doctor consults on pictures of the patient himself, makes a survey of the patient according to his symptoms, shows and explains the preliminary diagnosis, offers treatment options. Answers patient questions. Non-medical questions (transfer, ward, etc.) are answered by the coordinator or the manager of the agency after the end of the medical part of the consultation.

Free flight, hotel and sightseeing

1. Flight.

The service is only for patients who have arrived for surgery. The cost of the flight is deducted from the total cost of treatment. You will need to show a receipt for payment of the ticket during hospitalization.

2. Accommodation at the hotel.

A service for the patient and accompanying person. One double room is provided. You can use it once before hospitalization or once after discharge. The commission will be paid to the agency from the amount of treatment minus the ticket.

3. Tour of Incheon.

A service for the patient and accompanying person. Excursion from 10-17 hours. Includes a visit to the main attractions of Incheon:
G Tower observatory, Sondo international city, Central Park, water taxi excursion, lunch in a restaurant, Wolmido embankment, traditional market, Hyundai Outlet shopping center. The list of points of visit may vary depending on weather and other conditions.

The date is discussed with the patient, given his condition before and after surgery.

Free cosmetic procedure

A service for the patient and accompanying person. During hospitalization, it is proposed to undergo a facial cosmetic procedure. For the patient, it is proposed once before surgery and once before discharge. For the attendant - at any convenient time. The cosmetology procedure lasts about 1 hour and consists of cleaning, massage, masks, LED laser procedures.

50% off

For hospitalized patients, it is offered the opportunity to undergo an additional free examination in the form of an MRI (or CT or ultrasound) one of three choices. The choice of area of ​​examination should be different from the area in which hospitalization was carried out. For example, a patient came for knee treatment, which means that you can additionally examine your lower back for free. The cost of self-examination is free, but a doctor’s consultation is paid ($ 20-25).

For outpatients, a 50% discount is granted for examination of an additional other area. For example, he came for knee pain, and at the same time wants to check his lower back. Then MRI of the lumbar spine will be 50% cheaper. You can choose one of three options: MRI or CT or ultrasound. The cost of consulting a doctor for an additional examination is paid in full.

Himchan Hospital

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