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Sarang Plus Hospital, South Korea

Sarang Plus Hospital, South Korea

Orthopedic Hospital Sarang Plus is very famous not only in South Korea, but also in another countries. Hospital employs very professional neurosurgeons, therapists, and also focuses on the rehabilitation of patients after surgery. The rehabilitation center of the hospital is equipped with the latest equipment and robots to quickly restore patients.

Hospital is also very famous for its robot joint replacement surgery. Modern equipment RoboDoc (robot + doctor) provides accurate surgical treatment for patients requiring joint replacement.

Advantages of a robotic endoprosthetics operation:

  • Accurate and fast operation
  • Minimal intervention surgery → pain reduction, aesthetic result
  • Reducing side effects and complications
  • The ability to quickly start walking after surgery
  • Extending the life of artificial joints → from 10-15 to 20 years

During a pandemic, the clinic provides discounts on procedures, operations and other treatments. Read more about discounts and promotions in the clinic during a pandemic.


Joint diseases (hip, knee, shoulder, elbow, ankle, etc.): degenerative arthritis, cartilage damage, cruciate ligament rupture, sports injuries, humeroscapular periarthritis, rupture of the cuff, sprained ankle, ankle osteoarthritis, heel spur, etc.

Treatment: joint arthroplasty with a robot, knee and hip arthroplasty, arthroscopy, meniscus transplantation, joint endoscopy, stem cell treatment, extracorporeal shock wave therapy, etc.


Diseases: hernia, spinal stenosis, scoliosis, compression fracture, sports injuries, etc.

Treatment: epidural neuroplasty, microscopic discectomy, percutaneous vertebroplasty, spinal fusion, intervertebral disc replacement, etc.

Rehabilitation center

Rehabilitation of legs, knees, hip joint; rehabilitation of arms, shoulder, elbows; rehabilitation of the back; non-surgical treatment of hernia, physical therapy; growth clinic.

Diagnostic center

Complete body diagnostics, joint diagnostics, spinal diagnostics.

International Department

The international department of the hospital was created to help foreign patients who come to hospital for treatment and to organize the most comfortable treatment and stay in Korea.

Free services of the international department:

  • Preliminary consultation and treatment plan
  • Transfer, meeting and seeing off at the airport
  • Coordinator-translator who accompanies patients all the time of treatment
  • Assistance in booking accommodation, etc.

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