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The program "Spa treatment" in Spa Vilnius, Druskinikai, Lithuania

  • overnight in a 4 star hotel
  • HB food: breakfast and lunch or dinner (buffet) / FB: breakfast, lunch and dinner (buffet) *
  • every morning morning exercises; mineral water pool and bath complex and gym
  • consultation of a physician of physical medicine and rehabilitation on the appointment of procedures
  • 4 treatments per day

I procedure

SPA VILNIUS classic massage (30min.); Swedish massage (30min.); Shiatsu Japanese foot massage (30min.); Shiatsu Japanese head and face massage (30min.); Chinese acupressure foot massage (30min.) hemolymphatic drainage massage for the hands (30min.); Bio-Detox procedure (30min.); reflexologist consultation; psychologist consultation; consultation of a phytotherapist, consultation of a dermatologist, consultation of a kinesitherapist, consultation of a nutritionist (without measuring body composition)

II procedure

gynecologist consultation; gastroenterologist consultation; mineral bath (15min.); mineral bath “Surutis” (15min.); mineral bath “Vilnius” (15min.); mineral bath with healing herbs “Strength” (15min.); mineral bath with healing herbs “Resistance” (15min.); mineral pine bath (15min.); mineral tangerine bath (15min.); mineral bath with lavender bath (15min.); mineral bath with green tea (15min.); mineral bath with patchouli (15min.); mineral bath with lemon balm (15min.); mineral honey bath (15min.); author's mineral amber bath (15min.); author's three-component mud bath (20min.); author's mud application (20min.); carbon dioxide bath (15min.); vertical bath (20min.); underwater massage (20min.); individual kinesitherapy (30min.); paraffin bath (15min.); phonophoresis; Total Trunk test; electrocardiogram; sigmoidoscopy

III procedure

salt room (30min.); author's amber aroma music therapy (60min.); oxygen therapy (20min.); Nordic walking (60min.); magnet therapy; Lymphovigins; therapeutic microclyster; gynecological irrigation

IV procedure

mineral inhalation (10min.); mineral inhalation with calendula (10min.); mineral inhalation with propolis (10min.); mineral inhalation with pine oil (10min.); Jimstick gymnastics (30min.); group kinesitherapy (30min.); short wave therapy; ultrasound therapy; synchronous therapy; Bioptron polarized light; Bioptron polarized light with color therapy; darsonvalization; inductothermy; therapy with low and medium frequency currents; amber tea; mineral tea with healing herbs

The minimum treatment program is 5 nights. Age - 18 years and older.

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