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Spa Vilnius, Druskinikai, Lithuania

SPA Vilnius is a health spa SPA hotel-sanatorium, which is located in an excellent location in the Druskininkai resort in Lithuania. Near the hotel there is a picturesque park, the river Retnichele and a picturesque pedestrian alley.

It successfully treats diseases of the respiratory, nervous, cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, gastrointestinal tract, gynecological diseases, as well as sleep problems, stress and chronic fatigue.

For treatment, the hotel successfully uses mineral water and healing mud. Mineral water SPA Vilnius is extracted from an artesian borehole (56 g / l) located in the K. Deineka park at a depth of 307 m. Due to the unique concentration of calcium and magnesium in mineral water (ratio of magnesium to calcium 2: 1), drinking one glass of water, the human body is enriched with enough calcium and magnesium for the whole week! Natural mineral water is recommended for the prevention and treatment of many diseases and digestive problems, endocrine system, nutrition, metabolism and urogenital system.

The SPA sanatorium hotel Vilnius Druskininkai has a serious medical base: there are three-component baths with mineral water and therapeutic peat mud, over 370 types of therapeutic and wellness treatments, an 18-meter mineral water pool with a sauna complex, 50 different types of massages , amber aromatherapy and biomusic therapy, Rasoul and boors with baths, Ayurveda, face and body treatments and various wraps with professional cosmetics. I would like to note separately that all the procedures in SPA Vilnius are carried out with ESPA cosmetics - one of the best in the world. ESPA cosmetics is used in only 5 * SPA hotels in 55 countries of the world and is a pioneer of natural beauty, offers a collection of strong effects of products with an especially effective composition. ESPA offers a holistic view of modern life.

In SPA Vilnius, 3 treatment packages are offered for your attention:

  1. The program "Spa treatment" in Spa Vilnius
  2. Healthy Spine Treatment Program at SPA Vilnius
  3. Detox, weight regulatory treatment program in SPA Vilnius

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