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Plastic surgery in South Korea

Plastic surgery in South Korea

Aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery in South Korea are becoming increasingly popular these days. It is known for its high standards and quality, as well as generally affordable low prices - high-quality plastic surgery in Korea costs several times cheaper than similar operations in Europe and America.

List of Services

Using the services of plastic surgeons in South Korea, you can:

  • Improve the shape of the eyes or nose
  • Improve facial contour
  • Improve breast shape and size
  • Adjust body contours
  • Rejuvenate
  • Make hair transplant
  • Make intimate plastic
  • Make yourself a Hollywood smile
  • Improve skin quality
  • Medical makeup

According to a study by the World Community of Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine, a rating of the popularity of plastic in all countries was published, and the most popular in South Korea.

In fact, every woman in South Korea uses the services of a plastic surgeon, and there is no specific age category here. Both teenagers and women of any age category apply for beauty services.

The most popular plastic surgery in South Korea is eyelid surgery, which visually enlarges the eyes, making the eyes more open, and the look more “European”, followed by rhinoplasty, then lipoplasty.

Prices for plastic procedures in South Korea

Plastic surgery prices in South Korea are cheaper than in Switzerland, Germany and France, but the quality is not inferior to European counterparts, and sometimes much better.

  • Eyelid surgery - from $ 2000
  • Nose surgery - from $ 4000
  • Face lifting - from $ 6000
  • Abdominoplasty - from $ 7000
  • Mammoplasty - from $ 5000
  • Cheekbone correction - from $ 15,000
  • Chin repair - from $ 2000
  • Hair transplant - from $ 6000
  • Liposuction - from $ 2500


Plastic surgery in South Korea is very popular and therefore the country has a very large number of clinics in this field of medicine. We work with the main clinics, which the Koreans themselves recognize as industry leaders:

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