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Optic atrophy treatment with a soft laser

A clinic in the Czech Republic has been successfully treating optic atrophy with a soft laser for several years (restorative laser therapy).

What is a soft laser?

The concept of regenerative laser treatment was based on the use of soft laser types. Unlike surgical lasers, which destroy tissues and cells, soft laser types provide energy to the body and awaken recovery and healing processes.

Reconstructive laser therapy uses blue, green, yellow, red and infrared rays. Each color acts differently, which stimulates the growth of specific cellular components. The laser beam also stimulates the cells of our immune system. The effect of laser therapy has been shown during multiple clinical trials.

Laser therapy in the treatment of eye diseases

Laser therapy is useful in cases of chronic eye diseases, especially the retina: age-related muscle degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, optic nerve inflammation, and retinitis pigmentosa.

Usually 10 sessions are carried out within 2-4 weeks. To achieve the maximum therapeutic and restorative effect, doctors can offer an effective combination of laser therapy with another treatment method, which includes intravenous infusion of a high dose of vitamins, anioxdants and / or detoxifying substances.

Price of treatment

The cost of treating optic atrophy with a soft laser is 9,000 euros.


Laser therapy in the treatment of optic neuron atrophy is used in the innovative Czech clinic Cellthera and Moscow Ophthalmology Clionic Yasny Vzor.

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