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Ophthalmology clinic Yasny Vzor

Ophthalmology clinic Yasny Vzor

Ophthalmology clinics "Yasny Vzor" are located in Moscow and Kaliningrad and specialize in the treatment of all types of eye pathologies in children and adults - amblyopia, strabismus, nystagmus, astigmatism, hyperopia, myopia, optic atrophy, etc.

Today "Yasny Vzor" is:

  • 11 outpatient departments in Moscow and Kaliningrad, which treat myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, amblyopia, dacryocystitis, ptosis, PASN and other eye diseases,
  • innovative surgery in a top-class hospital (Moscow),
  • the international accreditation center for ophthalmologists and optometrists "Yasny Vzor" is a training center for pediatric ophthalmology and strabismology for ophthalmologists from all over the world.

Services for adults

  • Ophthalmic check-up: vision examination, measurement of intraocular pressure, examination of the fundus with a Goldman lens, Schirmer's test for detection of dry eye syndrome
  • Dry eye treatment
  • Diabetic retinopathy treatment
  • Selection of glasses of any complexity
  • Fitting soft contact lenses
  • Laser vision correction (astigmatism, hyperopia, myopia, age-related presbyopia)
  • Strabismus surgery
  • Nystagmus surgery

Services for children

  • High-quality examination of the child using modern diagnostic methods
  • All studies to determine the state of the visual system and possible latent complications (OCT, a-scan, b-scan, VEP, etc.)
  • Treatment:
    • amblyopia
    • astigmatism
    • myopia
    • hyperopia
    • squint
    • partial atrophy of the optic nerve
  • Strabismus surgery
  • Nystagmus surgery
  • Probing dacryocystitis in drug sleep
  • Fitting glasses and soft contact lenses


The clinic's specialists achieve high sustainable results in treatment, because they use unique diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical technologies developed by the clinic itself.

So the clinic has developed and implemented:

  • individual mathematical modeling of strabismus surgery, which allows you to effectively calculate the amount of rotation of the eyeball to achieve a symmetrical eye position and reduce the number of operations. The Strabo model allows you to demonstrate how the eyes will stand as a result of the operation.
  • the technique of high-frequency radio wave surgery for strabismus operations, instead of a scalpel and scissors. The use of high-frequency radio wave surgery makes it possible to reduce the invasiveness of the operation by several orders of magnitude, to increase its accuracy, and to shorten the rehabilitation period by 5-6 times.

Unique equipment of clinic Yasny Vzor

The surgeons of the Yasny Vzor clinic are the only ones in Russia and the CIS countries who operate on nystagmus, a disease that until recently was considered incurable. Also, the doctors of the clinic took part in the development of the Gazelab nystagmograph. This is a unique device for the diagnosis of ocular nystagmus and strabismus. It allows you to accurately position the affected muscle.

Thanks to the BOK-1 diagnostic and treatment apparatus developed by the clinic, it is possible to cure amblyopia in the most severe cases, even when vision is reduced to 1-2%, to increase the rehabilitation rate by 4 times, restore vision, and get rid of spectacle addiction.


Children's eye clinics "Yasny Vzor" are a collective member of the Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences of the Russian Federation, the merits of the team are marked with certificates from consumer unions of Russia. The developments and reports of the specialists of the Yasny Vzor children's eye clinics are constantly presented at the world's leading forums and recognized in many countries of the world.

Specialists of the Yasny Vzor children's eye clinics - the only representatives of Russia in the American Association of Pediatric Ophthalmologists and Strabismologists (AAPOS), the European Pediatric Ophthalmological Society (EPOS), the European Society of Strabismusologists (ESA) - are introducing into clinical practice the most modern eye treatment technologies in children, used in world practice.

Since 2014, the clinic has been included in the International Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus Council (IPOSC), which brings together the world's leading pediatric ophthalmologists from 14 advanced countries. The participation of the clinic in this International Council is the highest recognition of the activities of the international professional community of pediatric ophthalmologists. Presented in 2014 at the International Congress of the American Association of Pediatric Ophthalmologists and Strabismologists (AAPOS) in Kyoto, Japan, the technology of high-frequency low-traumatic radio wave surgery has attracted the interest of foreign colleagues.

Since January 2017, Yasny Vzor has been admitted to the International Council of Ophthalmology as a training center for pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus for ophthalmologists from around the world.

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